Whole 30 round 2 and other things

Motivation quote: "Be stubborn about your goal, and flexible about your methods." - GnomeAngel.com


Hello friends!!

I hope hump day moves rather quickly for you, but especially for me because I have the day off of work tomorrow! Woohoo! I know what you’re thinking…didn’t you JUST start that new job? And yes, yes I did. But have you ever heard anyone complain about a day off? I’m sure there are some cases of such a thing BUT Andre also has the day off tomorrow so that’s a double win! Hopefully it rains as the forecast is calling for so we can feel totally good about cuddling on the couch watching Netflix all day :)

I found that little gem of a graphic on pinterest of course but I absolutely love it. I’ve talked here before about how this year, I have been searching for that balance between structure and a more free flowing lifestyle to which I feel comes more natural to me. I have some sense for a desire for structure (I love making lists!), but I am also always so aware that things happen, come up and change. Sometimes I get stressed out because I think I feel like if things don’t happen a certain way, the way they were planned…then all is lost. So this tends to cause me to revert back to my natural ‘go with the flow even if that means let go of some goals’ which I don’t think is the thing to do all the time. Sure, it’s good to let go of some things sometimes but I think we should always strive for balance in whatever we do.

So that’s where I’m at currently. I’ve really been trying to let go of the stress of having to have things go exactly as planned 100% of the time, and not planning things so I don’t have to stress out about not having things go as planned 100% of the time.

I’m trying to find balance and I think this quote speaks to that beautifully.

So often I think that some people, myself include, feel like we have to complete something and the way we do it has to come together immediately. It has to work the first time, the first way we attempt it, when in reality, life is a journey of trial and error. You set goals, try them, keep what works, let go of what doesn’t. Keep the good that you learn about yourself, build upon it. Let go of the other stuff, improve upon it.

Today, I start my second Whole 30 cycle and I am so excited. Last time I did this it was an emotional journey that put so much into perspective for me and now I have multiple written out reminders of that growth, should I ever need to go back and read through them, which I already have before.

This time, I’m going to take what I learned last time (the more food related things) and just see what happens. I was so convinced the first time that I needed a strict plan to succeed and if it veered away from that at all, then things would just spiral out of control and I wouldn’t succeed. That hindered me from really digging deep into the more food related side of it. It all worked out of course because I needed to come face to face with the emotions that the program brought out of me, but this time I’m going to release the stress and focus on finding balance between my goal of completing the program and how I go about doing so in hopes that this concept will carry on to other aspects of my life.


I’m writing before I leave for work so hopefully this makes even a little bit of sense. If not, I can clarify later. It’s been hard for me to articulate this even to myself to be honest so maybe I can just call this attempt number one ;)

Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

Love to you!