An encounter with a butterfly.

Have you ever met someone and had a feeling you knew them in another life maybe? That happened to me today with this beautiful butterfly. I was on my way to an appointment and was feeling a bit anxious over life in general, but I was powering through my day as we often do, suffering in silence. I ended up parking on the wrong side of the building so I began walking in the correct direction and I saw him lying on the sidewalk, struggling, just waiting to be stepped on.

I stopped to see if he would allow me to pick him up. I figured if he was capable of flying he would get spooked and carry on but he crawled right on to my hand. He didn’t look maimed but he seemed a little anxious too. My heart connected with his sweet little spirit and all I wanted to do was make his day better. I wondered if maybe he was dying so I took that photo and promised to remember him fondly. I didn’t want to be late to my appointment but I also didn’t want to leave him behind. I stooped down to sit him next to a bush in front of the building and it almost seemed like he didn’t want to leave my hand. I promised if he waited there, I would come back for him after my appointment…

Forty five minutes later I headed back towards my car. My emotions were mixed. I hoped he was still there, waiting on me, but I also hoped that maybe he had flown away and was living happily ever after with his butterfly friends and family. I arrived back at the bush and there he was, wings completely outstretched as if he was sleeping. I got down again to pick him up and I seemed to startle him but it was like once he recognized it was me, he was fine and again crawled right into my hand. I thought, maybe I should take him home. I wanted to. I didn’t want to leave him behind but I wasn’t sure if he would like it outside at my place.

There was a woman standing outside the door closest to me. I was afraid she would judge me if I stole this little butterfly away but then, suddenly, she said to me “Well, I guess now you have to take him home!” we shared a laugh and a conversation about him and how beautiful he was then she returned inside and I continued to wrestle with what to do. I told him I wasn’t sure if he wanted to come home with me but that I didn’t want to leave him behind if he needed my help and as crazy and #treehugger as this might sound, I swear he looked straight into my eyes. It was almost like he was trying to comfort me or connect with me or trying to send me positive vibes or something. It was almost like he was trying to let me know that I’m not alone. I sat him down on top of the bush this time, to give him another chance to let me know if he was to come with me or if he had somewhere else to be. I looked down at my bag and when I looked back up, he was gone.

The emotions I feel when thinking back to it are so real. I could have sworn in that moment when he looked at me that he was carrying with him the soul of someone I know, will know, or knew. Someone who loves, will love, or loved me once before in this life. Or maybe in the next, I’m not sure. But there was real love in that moment and it was so beautiful. Someone wanted me to know they were there for me. Someone wanted me to know they understand. Someone wanted me to know that I am loved. Who knows, maybe it was me.

I’m so thankful to the universe for such a beautiful moment in my day. There are often many, but I will not forget this beautiful creature and all the light it brought into my heart today.

*this post was written and published in real time. 4/5/2017, 9:22pm EST