A Fairytale

On Friday, my darling surprised me with an evening off of work. He wrote me the sweetest card to tell me he would be home by 3:30 and that we were going shopping. What a guy right? By the end of the evening I hadn’t fallen in love with anything so we had no shopping bags but we did have an appetite for more time out together.

We soon found ourselves at a quiet spot focused on an environment of good energy & meditation. We ordered a chai tea to warm up while tending to the rock garden, followed by a cheese plate appetizer with wine. Everything was perfect. The music, the colors and cozy size of the restaurant. The lighting. It was a place we knew we would revisit.

All of those things were wonderful but nothing was quite as enchanting as the way my husband looked at me. There was so much love, my heart was overwhelmed. We smiled over dinner while discussing the way we hear the words of one another’s eyes so clearly.

We chose the 4 most exciting looking truffles and laughed at each others facial expressions when something was “too much…”. The night was filled with moments worthy of being shared but I was too busy being wrapped up in the butterflies from his sweet gaze.

I didn’t have intentions on posting today but I just wanted to share the love in my life with all of you. I hope in the coming week and throughout your lives, regardless of circumstance, you find those no pictures necessary moments and hold them so close.


Love to you all.