A Poem

Over the weekend, one of the eventful moments I was able to be a part of was the 2nd birthday party of my sweet friend Nikita’s baby girl. I was nervous at first but there was so much love and joy at the celebration of this firecracker of a little girl that all that was eased within moments of arriving. I found myself a  little emotional during the singing of the happy birthday song but couldn’t help but smile at the baby girl all cuddled up on her daddy’s chest. I couldn’t have been more honored that Andrew and I were able to be there for that special moment.

Before the weekend commenced, I was sitting on my couch just thinking about Niki and all the joy she still brings to so many lives. I was inspired with a poem right there in that moment and I felt in a strange way that she could hear me. After a brief chat and an expression of my poem I felt that I wanted to share it with her daughter for when she’s older and more recently (today in fact!), with all of you. There are so many pieces of life that inspire me and Niki is largely one of those. She inspires me to live a most joyful life, to love everyone and to be myself.

I’ve been terrified to post any of my poems here so I figured I would start with this one. The woman who inspired it, I think, would be proud of me for doing something that for me, requires much bravery.


The last year of her life was just one day long.

She continued to inspire even after she was gone.

A moment of light that shines way into the distance.

And carries on into future existence.


Nikita was a shining star in the life of everyone who met her even for just a moment and even still today although her new life is up there in the heavens. With love.