A spontaneous trip to the beach and other reasons you might feel neglected: pt.1


Hello friends!

I’m saying that but you might not want to be my friend anymore seeing as how I haven’t been here in what is probably ages in blogland. The funny thing is, it’s been no time in the real world. If what they say is true (which I’m sure it is), sometimes I wonder how the heck I’m going to avoid whiplash when I become a mother because time seems to just zoom by as it is in my pre-mommy life.

I feel like I have some explaining to do on my absence because from my stats (which I literally NEVER check), it seems that people are actually visiting here to see what I’m up to. Who would have thought that my reasons for starting this thing would pan out ha!

Ok so among many things, one reason is because I’ve been to the doctor for some tummy things (totally and completely unrelated to pregnancy!). Please no one stress, everything is all good and of course I will keep people posted via here and phone calls should anything go crazy or anything but no stress, just send me some extra good energy and say a healing prayer or two because of course that couldn’t hurt, right? ;)

Along with that, I got a new job unexpectedly! It’s nothing major like career job (I still haven’t quite figured that whole thing out yet…) but it’s getting out of the house a couple days, making some extra cash flow AND it doesn’t conflict with Andre’s off-work schedule! Yayyyyyyy! I started a couple weeks ago and so far so good! Operation get a temporary, part time job-complete.

Probably my most favorite reason I missed out on being here though was because I was so busy having fun in Oak Island, NC! I was invited (literally 12 hours before leaving) to stay with some friends and their family on the island for the weekend. They had two side by condos with the most beautiful ocean views. I had SO much fun. If you follow me on IG (@jlynnjustad) you saw a couple snaps I took. I managed to remember to take a few photos but some of these I stole from my sweet new friend Brittney. I really enjoyed getting to know her better!

brittnjlynnMe with Brittney (stolen from her!)

selfie on the beachSelfie on the beach..my hair was everywhere all weekend ha!

theviewSitting on the balcony

hair everywherehair everywhere! (another stolen from Brittney!)

brightflashBright flash!

the squadPretty sure these are my photography skills ahaha!

pool actionWe got a little pool action in as well!

heading to dinnerGoing to dinner before heading out! (Thanks, Brittney!)

viewfromdinnerView from the dinner table!

Something super cool I learned about the place we ate, it was the bar that Julianne Hough ‘s character worked at in the movie Safe Haven! Although I had started feeling bad the night before with a sore throat…which then turned in to nausea (again..NOT PREGNANT! haha) the food was still absolutely delicious!

You probably noticed that Andre wasn’t in any of those photos as he wasn’t able to take the time off from work. I missed him very much and with not feeling so hot, I was ready to see him for sure. My girlfriend and her little girl and I all left after dinner as originally planned, leaving the rest of the family behind to stay through the rest of the week. I had such a great time and to be honest, I was SO upset to be leaving feeling so crummy.

I didn’t go to the doctor but when I got home, it was a couple days of sinus infection like symptoms and pounding water for me. I guess I was super slack on drinking water (but not tequila) so it made my body extra sensitive as it was trying to ward off a sinus infection. I am feeling about 95% at this point as my nasal canal could be a liiitle bit better. Ok- tmi, I got it.

Anyway! I hope that photo and explanation heavy post gets me off the hook for being a bad blogger. I have missed it here, not going to lie. I’ve got lots planned and even a posting schedule of sorts if I could just get the hang of this scheduled post thing I suppose. Hopefully I can get my life together here soon. How’s that working out for yall? Let me know! I’ve missed ya! ♥


P.S- pt.2 of this is scheduled for Wednesday!  What what!!