A weekend update on a Wednesday: July 4th

Umm..hello you all!!!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I was last here. When I realized that yesterday, it hit me that this past week has FLOWN by! I guess it’s because after I got home on Wednesday from my trip to my hometown (part one, part two) my husband had off from work the very next day through YESTERDAY! That’s right, a whole SIX days off!!

He is in the restaurant biz so if you know anything about that, you know it can be rare to have almost an entire week off…and over a holiday? Whaaaaa?! So, I’ve been off frolicking with him. It’s been awesome. We didn’t plan any trip or anything, we just stayed home and celebrated the 4th with friends. Sometimes planning a trip over a long period of time off from work can be more stress than fun (not always, just sometimes!) then you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation…but what we chose to do was laid back and actually relaxing. Even clean up from the day after the 4th was surprisingly easy. I think it was just what we needed.

Honestly, I did yet another terrible job at photo documentation. I WILL GET BETTER AT THIS! Not sure if I’m trying to convince you or myself…

We made pickles on Thursday for the first time! We used cucumbers from our garden, the recipe was great and they turned out awesome. I don’t know that I can ever go back to store bought pickles again. After seeing and tasting these it really makes me question why the heck store bought pickles are…yellow..ya know? Anyways… I do think that for my tangy taste buds I would add an extra helping of vinegar ;)


making picklesMaking Pickles with this recipe from diynatural.com

So, we had people over on Friday and I was assuming it was just going to be people we knew, a laid back little adventure, but there ended up being a few people there that I hadn’t met. They were nice and a wee bit younger than me so I found myself chilling looking like this:

mom jeansyoga pants, favorite sweatshirt. Ya know, the usual.

Toooottally feeling like this:

momjeansmemeEven though we were just at my house. Ps- I found this on IG somewhere srry idk where! bad blogger!

Saturday I helped a girlfriend move the first part of the day. She had to put stuff in storage because she’s moving to Florida. I’m so sad! But strangely enough we didn’t do a long drawn out goodbye. I think we both feel like it doesn’t matter that she’s moving, our friendship is solid and I like that. But I will still miss you Hay!!

uhaulI have got to start practicing better posture.

Following helping Hayley was grilling, drinking domestic beer and not taking photos. I did manage to get a day photo and a night photo. I really wish I would have gotten a picture of our outfits. They were casually festive. Andre’s day shirt had random red stars all over it and it’s epic. It’s vintage from his dad from the 70’s. It’s super see through though and he spilled chili on it so changed for the evening when we went out to the bar and went with a t-shirt to pay a different sort of respect. I put on heels and makeup. All around it was a fun day!



Sunday was an easy clean up, hangover free and relaxing. No photos documented this day because it was filled with junk food, Netflix and some good ol’ fashioned alone time. Monday things picked up a little bit with our 4th of July Folf (Frisbee Golf or Disc Golf) tournament. We have a course on our property and love hosting friends to come play! I say we but I mean Andre and his dad. I walk out there sometimes but I am president of the wives club so I usually just sit inside and drink wine with the women. Or alone if I’m the only women. I like to go out there in the evenings though when it’s blue. I’ll have to remember to take a photo out there during my favorite time of day. It’s so serene.

folfwinnerSnapshot with the tournament winner!! ♥

So that’s my little 6 day long staycation! Ok so maybe just 5. Tuesday’s photos&update will appear tomorrow when I’m back here for The Makeup Mix up ;) !! Whewww was I thrown right out of my comfort zone. Can’t wait to share! I’m sending you lots of warm and fuzzy energy, hoping you made it safe through the holiday and are having a wonderful week!!