Accepting a change in season


On Friday, I gave in. I accepted that fall was coming and summer would soon be over. Sure it would be nice to live in a place where the weather is always perfect sunny and 70’s, but living in a place where the seasons change is a good thing too, I think.

Every few months you are reminded that you should accept that things will change over time even if you don’t want to because they will most likely change anyway. This is especially evident when your favorite season is coming to a close. Those first few weeks can be the hardest as you realize the air is a different temperature (no matter how hard you have tried to ignore it), the earth around you is changing right before your eyes and summertime is moving on. But then- you rest easy knowing it will come around again, hopeful that you’ll get to experience it.

And that is where the jewel of this life is found.


In deciding to give in to the new season approaching and paint my nails a color more suited for fall, I was reminded that there is always hope and for that my heart is full of gratitude. The simplest of moments can give way to the largest lessons, even something like just choosing a nail color. I’m currently learning to see the biggest and best of life in every little thing.

Farewell to the most groovy of all seasons! But it’s nice to see you again, Autumn.

So, happy first day of Autumn to you and may the pumpkin spice be ever your flavor ;P