And we’re back!


Hello everyone!

The fact that I am writing this means I am relaxing so I am feeling great today and I hope you are too!

If you came around last week to see what I was up to you saw that I had a full week worth of goodies to post last week but I was out of town and having technical difficulties. The job I was out of town working was about 25ish minutes from my dads house so I stayed with him, my stepmom and brothers and sisters for the week. I didn’t want an obsession with fixing my technical issues cutting into all my time with my loved ones (remember, I’m still green in regards to everything that is blogging especially the technical side. Well. everything technical really.) so instead of losing out on time with my family, I just went on about my week and decided to figure all that out later.

During the days, my week was filled with snuggling a beautiful set of 3 month old twins! The cutest little boy and girl you ever did see and I had so much fun. Although at this age they can’t crawl around, it’s still a job that keeps you busy 95% of the time. After one diaper change there will probably be another in 10 minutes type of thing. ha! It was a great time though. They were the sweetest babies. It was a great experience and I’m glad to have been available. Andrew was even able to hang out with me one day so that was nice as well. I miss those milk drunk faces and belly giggles already!

Once I returned home, things didn’t slow down! I was able to get dinner with a girlfriend of mine on Friday night, we had people over for the (oh so heartbreaking) Panther’s game on Saturday night, Brunch  on Sunday with two of our friends from out of town that came and stayed with us the night before, and then Target (to drown game loss sorrows) on Sunday followed by a trip to the Theater with another friend to see Taken 3.

What a week! It was a blast though! As for today, I won’t be spending it fixing technical difficulties. Today I plan to catch up on some blog reading, maybe finish a book and possibly watch Twilight (the first one!) because it looks like Forks right now outside where I live. I hope everyone had an awesome week yourself! I can’t wait to see what happens here this week…it might get a little crazy around these parts..stay tuned!


Oh! We also watched the Golden Globes last night! Congrats to one of my favorite Hollywood hunks (yes. that just happened) Kevin Spacey on his win! I just love him. And House of Cards of course. I might post my favorite looks from last night! I love looking at those. Anyone else watch and wanna share their favorites?!