Anniversary recap

Hello friends! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week! Tomorrow is Friday! Woohoo! For those of you not in the service industry that is…womp womp.

Back to fun!

I mentioned last week to be on the lookout on Tuesday for our anniversary recap which would feature our Christmas decoration day. I had scheduled it for Tuesday as planned but my heart had something else to express that day. So, as they often do in my family branches…plans changed! And not only with the sudden change of the contents of Tuesday’s post..but also with our anniversary plans! Ha!

We realized that we were a little under prepared (due to moving recently) for our annual Christmas decoration day, to the point where it would have been more “work” (with about 3 unscheduled stops) rather than a relaxing day together like it usually is. So we rescheduled for next week so we can get those little errands done this week and just have a fun decorating day!

So what did we do you ask? Absolutely nothing! Andrew took Monday morning off of work so we could do whatever we wanted and stay up as late as we wanted. It was like a high school sleepover with my boyfriend. It was awesome. It was similar to our regular lazy Sundays in some ways but with some twists.

It really was just the relaxing day that we needed. No stress, just pure time together. We talked, joked, laughed. We even got into an epic rock paper scissors battle AND a staring contest. These things might sound boring but the laughter that ensued would prove otherwise. Andrew didn’t even watch a single minute of football. It was insane. We ordered pizza late night, staying up to watch Homeland and then Revenge.

We didn’t take a single picture together but I did have to photograph the beautiful winter bouquet Andrew put together for me that morning. He collected pieces from our yard and arranged the most beautiful thing I feel like I have seen since the wildflower bouquet he arranged for me this past spring. Every now and again he will bust out these beautiful arrangements on a whim like he’s been doing this all his life. His grandmother was a florist back in the day, so I guess it makes sense. She did the arrangements for our reception tables, boutonnieres, corsages and my toss bouquet for our wedding party we had the year after we got married

(Andrew says that paragraph makes it sound like I’m obsessed with everything he does…which is probably true…)



Andrew's winter bouquet
Andrew’s winter bouquet




Spring Wildflower bouquet
Spring Wildflower bouquet


I wish I had skills to better photograph their beauty because the photos I took do not do either arrangement justice.

On top of all that, we got to sleep in together the next morning. Andrew said it was his favorite anniversary yet because we had such a great time and we didn’t need/want anything but each other’s company. My heart melted.

Our anniversary this year was perfect. It was just like that day, three years ago, when all we needed was each other, and pizza.