See a Play! – A bucket list update

Just in case you didn’t notice…I crossed something new off of my bucket list!  Now, yes I have seen a play before. It’s not something I’ve never done, I’ve even participated in shows myself. If you’ll read a little more about my style of bucket list, you’ll see that there are a couple things on there that I’ve done before. I just wanted to make sure to take time to do them again because I enjoy them! I think it has become far too easy to do something once or even a few times and then never do them again for what can turn into years.

Thalian HallPhoto by Kristi Ray

I’ve always loved storytelling and on the stage is no different. This past weekend while in Wilmington celebrating Halloween (you’ll notice the mustache was still in action…), Andre and I were also able to take in a musical put on by the Techmoja Dance and Theater company! That’s pronounced Tech-mo-jay, in case you were wondering :) I’ve performed with this company numerous times and have loved the bonds I have made with other performers and creative souls. This particular production was of West Side Story and actually, it was my first time ever seeing this show. I know, I know. Theater buffs around the world are gasping!



The show was amazing. There were so many talented performers, many of which are people I call friend. I couldn’t have been more pleased with our time and that this was the show that would allow me to cross another thing off of my “everyday” bucket list. I was a bit naughty though because I totally snapped a (NO FLASH!) photo or two. Shh! :) In the middle of the other performers, playing the role of Lt. Schrank, is my dear friend Hal who had joined us out for Halloween the night before. He still put on a stellar performance even after dealing with us wildlings all night.


WSS5blurry and a taaad hung over :P

WSS6Creative director and co-founder of Techmoja, Kevin Green

WSS7Hal in the middle

Although we got our tickets at separate times so we weren’t able to sit together, our friend Kristi did join us out at the car during intermission for some “adult Halloween candy” consumption. We picked up this bad boy at Sears while doing some last minute costume shopping. I’m pretty our almost immediate individual and then joint decision to purchase this giant box of chocolate made our marriage stronger.

whitmansOur 2lbs. of Whitmas chocolate as our “Halloween candy”

Overall we had such a great time in Wilmington and such an amazing time at the show. Seeing all my friends put on such a great show has really given me the performance bug! I suppose I should get through the holiday season first ;)



Congratulations to all the performers and everyone at Techmoja for a job well done!



The Bucket List: The PSL

Happy hump day yall! and what better day to publish this particular post than on the 1 week closer to summer anniversary of Autumn!

This past weekend, on Saturday, I got to spend 30 precious minutes with one of  my very best gals, Julia, as she was passing through my area. We couldn’t catch up for long as she had to be back on her way, but I was thrilled to be able to see her for any amount of time. It was awesome too because she was with me as I crossed another thing off my bucket list: TRY A PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE! And the verdict is….


As indicted by my friend’s beautiful thumb positioned in the downturned direction (but not by my smiling face..ha!)…I hated it. I was kinda scared going into it that I was going to love it and my wallet was going to hate it but it turns out it was dislike on both accounts. I got the smallest one, the regular way with whipped cream on top and…it was so disgusting I couldn’t finish it even though I paid over $4 for it. What is this coffee/Starbucks obsession?! I just don’t get it. But I don’t need to I suppose. To each their own! I did take one of these totally awesome (“basic” I believe they’re called?) Starbucks cup in front of the steering wheel pics though. I left out the vehicle brand because there is some dried ketchup right next to the word JEEP #letsbereal.

There are a bunch of homemade recipes out there and I would actually love to give them a try. Just wanted to check out the holy Starbucks PSL hype. As far as other exciting events from this past weekend…I went to Target without buying a single thing #winning and bought my first bag of candy corn with no shame #alsowinning. The bag of candy corn was from Target but that was purchased on a separate occasion. Booyah.

I hope you are all have a stellar week thus far! I wouldn’t recommend a PSL but maybe a nice cup of hot coco! Hello, I’m 5.

Until next time, friends!