The power of positive thought: The Dress


So if you read, skimmed or just looked at the photos on my Memorial Day weekend post, then you’ve already seen the above photo (or on IG @jlynnjustad) but I’m not a fashion blogger so that’s the best photo I have of the dress that was a huge source of encouragement to be a couple of weeks ago! If you know me personally, you’re probably tired of hearing me talk about the power of positive thought haha! It’s such a real thing though and could work for anyone if they put the intense effort it takes to use it, so I love sharing about it and all the examples in my life of how it really works!

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Thanksgiving 2015

Happy Holidays, yall! Ahh, I finally feel like I can say that. I know October has a holiday and November has a holiday but, I just never truly feel quite right using that phrase before December. I guess it’s kinda like how I don’t put on Christmas music or put up décor until December. I’m just weird I suppose. And actually I did listen to a couple Christmas songs this morning on the radio but it’s 11/30 so that’s close enough, right? Some of you are like “ummm you’re about a month late!” ha!


You may have caught that photo on IG (@jlynnjustad) I decided to post it here too because some people don’t have IG (gasp, I know) and also I just love it. This was one of my favorite moments from all of Thanksgiving day. We snuck out before dinner to take some photos and just roam around the property. It was such amazing weather! A few people have said Andre resembles Luke Wilson and I can kinda see it, but I feel like I can really see it in this photo. Luke Wilson just happpennnss to play in one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time, The Family Stone…which I’ve already watched three times. HA! A little Jlynn trivia for ya.

So anyway, the whole day on the 26th was fantastic really. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving with family and/or friends as well!!! We had both over at Andre’s parent’s house and it was a lot of fun. My sister in law Kristen wasn’t able to make it so that was pretty sad. They doesn’t live close so I usually only get to see her during the holiday days so my glass of wine was not as full without her. Even though she wasn’t there I still had an awesome time with everyone who was able to make it!

jlynnthanksgivingFamily photo before dinner! Fun fact- there are 8 people in this photo! ♥

We kept it pretty low key this year in terms of action but the food was amazing. It was just the Justad crew for dinner (minus a few who we missed dearly!) then a few family friends joined us after for dessert and tea after their first course. We did our usual half Persian, half standard American Thanksgiving food complete with pumpkin, apple and pecan pie…none of which I baked (sorry bucket list). Every bite was delicious. I had leftovers  at least twice a day for three days. No complaints over here!

While Andre and I were gallivanting around the yard, I had him snap a few photos of my Thanksgiving outfit and I’m SO excited to share it because I had been saving this new sweater from Bouvardian  to wear on this very day. It ended up being perfect too because it’s navy blue and pink so I figured I could pair it with Panther’s colors to show my support for my home state’s AMAZING (11-0, only undefeated NFL team as of last night thank you very much) football team! Even though Panther’s blue is a little more royal and it may have been risky pairing a navy and black combo…I loved the way it looked and it was “my style” to a T. Comfy casual with a bit of flair :)



I had been following Jana’s blog for a while and when I saw she was opening an online boutique, I couldn’t wait to browse around at the styles and shop. Then when she published this post  I fell in love with the cardigan she was wearing. My excitement went through the roof when she mentioned it would be available in the shop upon the grand opening! I went and made my purchase that very day! I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality, how true to the photo it was and how quickly it arrived. It’s perfect for a chilly, sunny day. Now that I’ve followed through with my plan to debut it on Thanksgiving, I can’t wait to wear it more often!  Check out Bouvardian for yourself here!

I’m certainly no model, or fashion blogger and we use our iPhone camera so these photos are the best I could do, ha! Wish I could snap some shots that really do this beautiful piece justice. The print is amazing, the texture is amazing (I’m a sucker for texture)..Jana has done a wonderful job choosing pieces for her shop. I can’t wait to choose something new the next time I’m able!

jlynnthanksgivingdigs2Please don’t ask me what I’m doing with my hands. This photo is in the dictionary next to the word awkward :P

jlynnthanksgivingdigs3Tassel booties are from Rugged Warehouse and hat is the husband’s :)

jlynnthanksgivingdigs4worst photo of the outfit, best depiction of me

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Here we are. Full speed ahead into the end of 2015. What in the heck happened. Beam me up Scotty cuz I’m pretty sure I’m in the twilight zone.

Tell me all about your Thanksgiving!!! Leave as lengthy of a comment as you would like or a link to your own blog post about your Thanksgiving shenanigans! Or if you don’t live in the U.S…what did you do on November 26th this year? ;P


You can see what I wore last Thanksgiving here
(Ok so I guess I have a thing for black boots, ripped jeans and comfy sweaters. So sue me :P)


»»Just to be clear, this post isn’t sponsored at all as this blog is not for profit at this time. I just really wanted to share a new shop that I love and hopefully help you out with some Christmas shopping! ;)««