Christmas Decoration Day!

If you follow along with me on twitter, you saw that I was excited to share with yall the happenings of our day the other day here on the blog. Well it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…CHRISTMAS DECORATION DAY!! Whoop whoop!




Our annool Christmas decoration day (does anyone else think dumb and dumber is a Christmas movie?) was supposed to go down a while back but the universe had other things in mind so we just went with the flow and the flow had us gearing up for decoration day last Thursday!

I know what you’re thinking.

“You put up your tree a week before Christmas?”

Yep. And we’re taking it down a week after NYE. It might seem like a lot of work for just a couple weeks (not so much in the $$ department..shout out to my Texas friends who have to pay out the wahzoo for a Christmas tree!)  but the cheer putting up a tree can bring is worth it even if it’s just for a couple of days in my opinion. Plus, there are always at least 2 good trees left to pick from closer to the day and they’ll typically give em to ya for a discount. Hole on one side? Not a problem! Just put that corner into the wall and call it a day. That works I’d say a good 90% of the time. And when it doesn’t? It’s a great conversation piece and hilarious to look at! I seriously love Christmas trees.




I think watching Pocahontas as a child really stuck in my soul. When I was a little girl, I would bawl my eyes out when we took our trees down. I would even visit them out by the road while they were waiting to be picked up by the sanitation workers. Sometimes I would cover them with my blankets. It was a little intense. Now I just love them and the personality they can bring to a home even if it’s just for a short time.


littlemelittleMy Pocahontas loving self trying on my cousin’s dress circa crying about dying Christmas trees days. Also- check that TV.

I mentioned before that our move from the beach to the country has been a little unconventional, but we’ve been making it work. The job Andrew took is only about a 25 minute commute from his parents house and since he needed to move before things were really ready at the beach, we planned for him to just bunk in his parent’s garage apartment the few months while we were living in separate cities. When it was time for me to move up here, we decided to stay just a little longer until the holidays passed and we decide on exactly where we want to settle. I have some pretty intense fears hesitations about buying a house (we’ll touch on that later I’m sure) so I’m not sure if the next place we go will be our forever home but that’s ok because for now we’re just enjoying our time with his sweet parents!


wrapping lights


It was awesome having his mom get so excited over the ornaments we had set out that were from Andrew’s childhood. She hadn’t seen them in a while and was happy to see we had taken care of them and were using them. His dad helped with the lights (and photos of course!) and so this year’s Christmas decoration day ended up being a family affair and we couldn’t have been happier about having that memory with them.




Merlot helped with the lights too!


I love Christmas Decoration day because it’s not only something fun to do with my husband but also we both know that we will inevitably be challenged on that day…by something. Que the tree being to heavy for the stand we already had. Que ALL the lights going out on the tree… AFTER we’ve started to put ornaments up. Que one whole strand of lights being blown out. These all sound like little things, and they are, but it’s just another situation that reminds us to work together to figure out a solution to a problem and to not sweat the small stuff.


Halfway there!

fav ornamentupdated



After decorating the tree and putting a few other touches around the house we put some store bought cookies in the oven, got our jammies on (I think people only use that word around Christmas, no?) and sat down to watch Elf!








I love Blue!  I love blue!

It was  just as much fun as it always is, if not more. Every year we learn how to better  work with one another and laugh it off when nothing is working at all.


 A tippy toed kiss for all my sap lovers out there!


I love this day&I love my boo!
and I love you too :)


P.S- I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas! I won’t be around the rest of this week but next I will be sharing some thoughts for 2015. Can’t. believe. it. I know when I was a kid I thought everyone would own a flying car by now Ha! How about you?