Christmas&NYE recap (Christmas in February)

Finally! I bring you our Christmas&NYE update! I know it suuuper late but better late than never right? Thanks for hanging in there with me while I get things squared away around here, though. I really appreciate it! I present Christmas in February. Which is actually just a post about Christmas in December…posted in February. Shout out to my father in law for taking a bunch of these photos!



Although it’s come and gone I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season and has wonderful memories to smile at the thought of. We took our tree down Sunday 1/4. No tears were shed, but it was bittersweet. We will celebrate its life and give thanks for all the holiday fun with a bonfire in the near future.




Christmas week was a blast. I say “week” because our family Christmas this year was set for Sunday the 28th for a number of reasons, but all that mattered was that we would get a day together!  On Christmas eve Andrew&I did our annual check out the house lights in the neighborhood and watch Polar Express with hot chocolate. It was cozy and lovely. Christmas day was actually really low-key as well but my favorite part was the “every Christmas episode of Frasier” marathon that Andrew&I had. We had never done that before. It was awesome. Thank you Netflix! By Sunday afternoon everyone was here except one who had to stay home with the sniffles (We missed you!)


Photo courtesy my sister in law’s instagram




Our family Christmas day was filled with wonderful food and lots of laughs. We even made it through an entire game of Cranium (which Andrew&I drew each other for a team and ended up winning!). We exchanged Secret Santa gifts and ended the night the way we usually do, playing music! There’s pretty much an instrument of some kind for everyone to play at the house and enough space to just sit back and enjoy if that’s more your thing. It’s definitely a haven for the creative.




The next day, Micah&Kristen left for South America to hike in a park in Chile. Amazing. I think we’ll have that bonefire when they return…




Everyone else eventually made their return back to the real world over the next few days and then all of a sudden, it was New Year’s Eve. Crazy! In keeping with the vibe of this whole holiday season, we kept it low-key for NYE. Not sure if you caught this photo on IG



Or this one



This photo didn’t get a ton of likes but I love that I can see where Nikita liked it :)

But as you can see, we kept it casual and classy. With fuzzy socks of course.

A couple of our family friends came over, we watched the ball drop, drank some champagne and ended the night like usual…with music.




I hope you all had a beautiful holiday season and got to kiss the one you love at midnight. Speaking of which..did anyone else get as excited as I did about the new Cinderella movie? Do you think maybe in 20 years they will make Frozen in this “live action” genre? I like to call it “semi-animated”. Can’t wait for The Little Mermaid! And Pocahontas…


 Love to you all.