Confusion, Belief and Grace.

Does anyone ever feel like they are awesome at helping other people stay organized but terrible at keeping their own life together? What does that say about me, that I feel that way. I’m always so interested in the science behind our brain and how it works altogether but on an individual level as well. Like- how our brains work partnered with who we are.

I’ve said before that I’m a very go with the flow kind of person and I am, but I believe in balance in all things and I just feel like I’m trying to learn the art of stability at 24 years old. It’s a task that I believe is 1000 times more confusing as an adult than as a child in this culture with all the unimportant bullshit shoved down our throats by all sorts of media outlets on the regular. But I suppose, what isn’t more difficult to learn as an adult than as a child. Come to think of it…be careful what you’re letting your kids watch and listen to because they’re being fed bs too…

but that’s a different blog post.

I don’t know. The way I feel right now, it’s all very confusing. I’m challenging myself in more ways than one in my life right now and I have this overwhelming anxiety that I won’t be able to keep up…with myself? I don’t know.

Perhaps I’m learning a lesson in believing in myself, but also how to give myself grace.

Time will tell right? Or maybe not.

Ugh. Here I go again..