Currently: April


Currently trying to get my life together.


I feel like I’m always saying that and the law of attraction tells me, the fact that I’m always saying that…is why I am always saying that! Ha! I need to find a new saying. I need to get a good affirmation going. Any suggestions?

Let’s get started with this little catch up, shall we?

Reading: Nothing. shame. shame. shame. (GOT anyone?! SUNDAYYYYYY!) but seriously. Big Magic I was hoping to finish in (what did I say?) a week? Haven’t even picked it up. I’ve been on this journey to stop using excuses but I wouldn’t call having my hand in 4 different income opportunities “excuses.” I’m so serious about my “gazelle intensity” with our Total Money Makeover that I am working so much and so hard…that I literally work, eat and sleep. Sometimes I see my husband. Sad times. But good times because as my fellow Total Money Makeover’ers know….live like no one else, so you can live like no one else! *insert unamused emoji face here.*

Watching: Dancing with the Stars! Woohoo! I made it a point to watch live this week because I love Switch up week! I was excited to see Nyle partnered with Sharna because I totally voted that on twitter. He was awesome. I think pretty much everyone did great. Wanya’ is another favorite though and I also think Jodie is kicking ass as well. It’s anyone’s game right now I think even though Nyle got the 10 from Len!! Yay Nyle! Also still trying to finish Sons! We finallllyyyy made it to season 6 last night!

Listening: I’ve actually been listening to alot of music I lisened to a few years ago. Andre and I have always been that couple that makes mixed music for one another and I found a few cds he made for me a while back and I’ve been playing them out! He has a new mix for me that’s been trapped on his phone. Can’t wait till he has some time to burn it for me. Goodness I hope my kids know what that means one day. hah!

Excited for: Next week! There is a special date night in the works that I can’t waaaaaaaaaait to attend! We’ve been sacrificing and sacrificing for the sake of our Total Money Makeover but we NEED a date night so we took the money budgeted from the last couple of months for date nights that never happened and are combining it for one stellar night next week. Can’t wait! Also I’m pretty stoked about Game of Thrones on Sunday! Miranda, if you’re reading this, I’ll be thinking of you! :)

Working on: getting my life together. lol.

Sad: Ummm I was sad Sunday night when Andre and I watched Room….omgoodness that was such a good movie but SOO heart-wrenching! Then I was sad again when I got my very first speeding ticket on Tuesday morning. UGHHHHHHHHH. :((((((

Happy: My beautiful and amazingly hardworking cousin Carly qualified for OLYMPIAAAAAAAA……..!!!!!! If you don’t know what that is then click that link and look around the site. It’s basically the best of the best in the fitness world. Like…the Superbowl of the competitive fitness universe. It’s a big deal. It’s going down in Vegas in September and if we can swing it….we’re going to go! My WHOLE family literally with the exception of only a few are attending. My grandfather (hey PaPa!) is even going and there is a treat in store for him that I CANNOT miss so…we’re trying to make it happen. Although we are believing this will NOT be her only time on that stage, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and to miss her WINNING an Olympia title?! I cannot imagine it. Especially as hard as she’s worked for as long as she’s worked. Overall, I’m just super proud of her and can’t wait to watch her slayyyyyyyyy!

Hoping: still that the beef between my cats ends….ugh that’s been so frustrating having to keep them separated for literally months. Anyone have any wisdom to share?! I’m also hoping that…I get my life together. Do we see a theme here?!

Thankful: for the moon and all the feelings it brings about for which I can’t find words.

April has been good to me so far besides that whole, speeding ticket thing, ha! I hope it has been good to you. I’m exhausted but full of gratitude. I love you. Thank you so much for coming here to see what I’m up to because there’s nothing published here beyond that really :P ♥