Currently: July


Woah so it’s been almost exactly a month since I last posted…and there has been so much going on since then. Last time I was here things were nuts and I was in a valley, this time…well, things aren’t as low but I’m not shouting from the rooftops either. Even as I type this my computer is giving me the business BUT I’m trying to keep my focus on positivity strong.

A little bit of what’s been up this past month…

Reading: Not much of anything really. I know, shame!

Watching: Not much of anything here either! I’ve been trying to pick up as many shifts doing odd jobs and whatnot as my work situation shifted (again…) last month. I have caught season one of that Netflix show Bloodline though when I was sick the week of July 4th. UGh it was awful. That darn summer cold got me for a good 5 days but I’m back at 100% again now thank God!

Listening: to a lot of music Andre has been downloading. He picked up a weekend gig djing and he’s been super excited about it. We could really use the extra cash flow too, in preparations for our trip in September. Everything is going our way! (my fav affirmation!)

Excited for: So much! I’m going to a music festival this weekend to support my amazing sister-in-law and her art, I’m going to my best friend’s new home of sorts to search for a new apartment where she’ll be attending grad school in the fall right after that and then a big trip out west for a little over two weeks in September. There’s so much to get ready for that I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed but I’m still super stoked!

Sad: Well, my work situation changing late last month was a bummer and still is to be honest, but it wasn’t as much of a bummer as life was while I was working that job. The job itself was great but there was an unforeseen circumstance that really just made it one of the worst experiences ever so whereas I took a big hit on my income, I think overall it was the right decision.

Happy: I’m super happy about all the exciting things coming up for me and my family and about all the awesome things Andre has going for him right now! I’ve also got a couple things up my sleeve too that have also been contributing to my absence here but I’ll share more about that later!

Hoping: for light and love for everyone ♥

Thankful: I’m super thankful for the time I’ve gotten to spend with my sister-in-law here lately. We were able to spend about a week together here last week and it was really good for my soul just to grow our relationship in all the ways we did. Family is such an important pillar of life in my opinion, even if they aren’t blood relatives ;)

If you’re still checking up on me here I greatly appreciate your (hopefully) good vibes. I know I’ve been posting more sporadically lately so if you want to just have my (random) updates sent to your inbox you can subscribe on the left with your email address instead of coming back here every so often to find I (still) haven’t posted ;) Lots of love to every one of you! ♥