Currently: June


It’s that time again! I missed doing a currently in the month of May because it was sooo hectic. This month hasn’t been anywhere near as hectic but it certainly has been exhausting so let’s just dive right in…

Reading: I have really failed in the reading department here lately. I’ve been using that word a lot…fail…this month. I started reading Orange is the New Black because it was at work, and I got to chapter 3, but I’ve since left that job…as of like…not even a week ago…so I am no longer reading that at the moment. All though I did suggest that for the first book of the book club SKB and I plan to start…if that ever happens. I also realized that I have developed a really bad habit of starting books and not finishing them here recently and I want to end that! I’ve been learning lots of things about myself here lately actually…..

Watching: I just finished the second season of Grace&Frankie (on Netflix!!) today actually and I am already SO excited for season three. That show is seriously hilarious you guys. You may develop a new habit of drinking dirty martinis though. Guilty. What is it with all these new habits?!

Listening: More country music! Shocking, I know, to those of you who know me personally. But I’ve caught myself stopping my ‘scan’ on the country music station quite often here lately. It’s probably these country surroundings finally starting to grow on me. A couple personal favorites right now I think are the song about the t-shirt and the Somewhere on a Beach. I did go through a little country music phase back in middle school though because my cousin (we grew up in the same house) was dating this really country guy…I think his name was Rob? anyway- and she was listening to it all the time so I came to have a deep love for Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, know, the 90’s baby classics. SKB you’re with me right?!

Excited for: This weekend! I’m going back to visit home which means beach, family and friends! I’m sad because Andrew can’t come but he’ll be there in spirit and the way things are going, he’ll be able to make more weekend trips with me in no time. I also went back to being a vegetarian (just like that! boom!) and started taking my multi-vitamin again so yay for trying to ease (back) into healthy living!

Sad: well. I’ve spent a majority of the last 6 days in some form of sadness to be honest. Some things were just situations that couldn’t be avoided. Some that could. I think I’ve spend a lot of time this week learning a bunch of lessons about life and about myself though which brings me to the next subject…

Happy: Although going through the trenches of it can often times be painful and bring sadness, or embarrassment even, I think gaining more knowledge of self is always a good thing. Especially when you commit to making sure you come out a better version of yourself. That’s really what I’m trying to come to an understanding of here lately- how to balance being totally myself, with………something. I’m not solid in that life lesson yet so stay tuned. ha!

Hoping: Always ;)

Thankful: It rained the other day and I was able to just sit on my porch and listen and smell and watch mother nature do her thing. It was a very nice moment and I was able to stop and just let myself be. I’m thankful for that and all moments that allow me that space.

I hope that you’re having a wonderful month so far and if not, know you’re not alone! Sending you all the positive vibes! Also, I rarely post videos but there’s a quick one I posted on IG (@jlynnjustad) of my moment on the porch. Check it out and see if you can’t get in 30 seconds of R&R. Treat yourself ;) xx