Currently: March


Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone!!

I couldn’t think of a better day in March to kick off my official once a month “Currently” posts. I’ve seen other bloggers do them and I’ve always thought they were so cute and I always enjoy reading them so I figured I would give it a try myself :) I hope you’re wearing your green today!

Reading: Well, nothing. When I say nothing, I don’t mean nothing I do have a book I’m invested in (Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, shout out to my sweet friend Ashley who turned me on to it!) but I just haven’t had a good day where I can just dive in. I don’t typically like to read 3-4 pages at a time and that’s pretty much all I’ve had time to do. I also don’t like to read right before bed because then it makes me tired when I start reading at other times in the day. Does that sound crazy?

Watching: Now that The Bachelor is over (#TeamLauren woohoo!!), my prime TV show is Younger!  I LOVE it. The cast has great chemistry, I love the story, it’s fun, sassy, smart, funny…all the things. It’s my new favorite show for sure. TVLand is killin’ the tv show game right now! I’m also enjoying How to Get Away with Murder on abc as well as House of Cards and Sons of Anarchy on Netflix when I can squeeze an episode or two in with the hubs.

Listening: to a lot of Uptown Funk. I loved that song when it first came out and I still enjoy it for sure but the kids I take to school in the mornings love that song on a whole new level. I now have a rule we only listen to it 3 times in a row. Then of course it comes on the radio like every time and they think that is so hilarious because they get to listen to it FOUR times. My favorite part though? Listening to them sing “up, down pokeywah” on the chorus. I haven’t told them those aren’t the words ;)

Excited for: Ok this comes right after watching because I’m not watching it yet but I am SOOOO excited to watch Nyle DiMarco on Dancing with the Stars! It starts Monday the 21st and I cannot wait. I’m also super excited for a trip Andre and I are taking May!

Working on: Getting the second half of my wedding series going here. I wanted to do it in February but that’s right when I started my new (second) job so I just haven’t been able to give the blog (or blogging really) the attention I would like. It’s really been like…6 months I’ve been feeling that way but things are finally starting to feel like they may start settling here soon. Woah. that’s exhausting just typing it out.

Sad: because Bernie didn’t win my state BUT he did win my hometown county so I’m very proud of that! It ain’t over till it’s over!

Happy: because tomorrow is Friday! I love my job but I am happy to get a couple days of quality time in with Andre. We’ve both been so busy we literally get home and watch a show or two then go straight to bed because we’re so wiped. We were originally bummed because it’s been gorgeous all week then this weekend it’s going to be cold and rainy but then last night we decided rainy day snuggles&Netflix binging might be in our future. I still have to clean&grocery shop though!

Hoping: the beef between my cats settles soon. It’s so frustrating! I haven’t introduced them here yet have I? I might need to do that soon…

Thankful: for my husband. I know that’s kind of like a duh thing but we’ve been working a lot of things out over these past 6 weeks and I’m just thankful that I have someone who takes me, my heart and our life together seriously.


I hope you all are having a wonderful March! There’s basically 5 weeks in this month so for all you hourly wage workers this month should be a stellar one! I love you all and will see you next week!




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