Date Night: Lauryn Hill concert


Hello friends!!

Still quite busy with work work work work work (did you sing it?) but somehow Andre and I managed to get out for a date night last week! Yes, last week…I’m over a week late in posting about this but work work work..yada yada, you get the idea.

In fact, we’ve been so focused on our Total Money Makeover and other goals that we haven’t done a very good job of making time for us to spend together that doesn’t involve the business side of our marriage. Before, it was all play. Think, dope downtown apartment, eating out every night, spending on whatever whenever. In the last year, it has become all business and basically zero play. Neither of those things are good, so we’re just trying to grow together and really learn a little something about this thing called balance in this thing called adulthood.

Enter in the (last minute) scheduled date night! We’re definitely going to make these things regular and a top priority. They might not always be this awesome, but time together is what’s really important and what makes these times awesome! Since we haven’t had a date night in f o r e v e r, we decided we would treat ourselves to a concert to kick off this whole, making date night a priority thing. Concerts hold a special place in our hearts because our very first date as boyfriend and girlfriend was a concert and we STILL talk about what a wonderful (crazy.) time it was…

I heard about this concert on the radio one day while driving to work. I got so excited because I’ve always loved Lauryn Hill! I love her music but more than that, she is such a powerful presence in the music industry and such a strong voice for so much that I believe in. Mixed in with all of that…she is an AMAZING musician. We got there early enough where we were the 4th people in line and could hear her sound check outside the gate. I couldn’t believe I was about to see her live. She’s been on my concert bucket list forever.

Opening for her was Gary Clark Jr. and he was crazy good. I had heard of him before and listened to some of his music. I really enjoyed listening to his recorded stuff but seeing him live turned me into a real fan. He is also a musician.  There was a reggae band that opened for him and they were incredible as well. When Lauryn played her set, she played all kinds of classics but they had an almost indie rock flair to them. I was thoroughly pleased because the musicianship was ridiculous. She had to have had at least a 15 piece band up there, it was insane. Andre and I loved it but you could tell some people in the audience were hoping to hear the songs exactly how they are on the recording but…..what fun is that?!

The worst part of the night was that I forgot my light jacket so when the sun went down I was a little chilly but we just used our picnic blanket to cover up.  And oh my goodness we only spent $50 for (A TON of) food and beer! As concert money, I feel like that translates to $10 outside of a concert, haha! It was such a fun time. I’m so glad I heard the advertisement for the show!






bluelightsus and the iphone :)

I can’t wait to see what concert we attend next! For now though I think I’ll just anticipate our next date night, which looks like will be later this month in the form of a whole weekend! More on that later though ;)


What was the last concert you attended?! ♥