December is here! And so is a blogging break!


Ok, so December was here yesterday :) I just love this photo (thank you Unsplash!). I’ve had day dreams of living in a neighborhood like this one, with tree lined streets, where every season shows it’s face. Then again I’ve had dreams of living in a remote cabin on the edge of nowhere…and at the beach (again)…and in an apartment in a big city…I’m still figuring this whole thing out but ANYWAY the point is, that wherever Andre and I end up, I hope that it’s a place that brings us both so much joy and where our children can grow into amazing men&women.

I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on my word for 2015. I believe it was the right word to choose and I believe that I used it and it manifested itself in my life. I want to talk about that more later as well as continue on with my wedding series and a bunch of other things…but I think I need to put this space on hold for a little bit. I love it here and am so excited to execute some of the visions that I have but for now, for the remainder of 2015…I need to just be present and for me, that can only happen if I take some things off of my plate- one being updating here for now.

If you’re a fellow blogger, you’ll probably see me still raiding your comments section (probably more so now, ha!) and I want to keep up with connections but I’m just going to take some time to focus on my vision for 2016 in all aspects of my life (including here!), hopefully come to better understanding of some things I’ve been thinking about and come back here with a bang in January!

I’m going to miss doing holiday updates because I had so much fun sharing those last year but I’m sure I’ll do some throwback December posts first of the year ;) Things are going to be so nuts for us the remainder of the month, I’m not sure I could even publish posts that would make any sense even though I would have lived the experience myself!

Thank you to everyone who comes around here to see what I’m up to (hey Papa!!). I love all of you dearly and can’t wait to begin again in January! Feel free to email me if you’d like, I’ll still be checking those ;)


Lots of love to you and yours.

Merry Christmas!



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