Exciting, superficial entertainment to bring in 2016!

Happy New Year everyone! I’m back at this whole blogging thing and super happy to be here! I’m excited to continue forward with connections I made through this space last year and make new ones as well! I’ve been sharing here for a little over a year now (a year was back in November) and I’ve had my ups and downs for sure. I’ve had positive thoughts as well as negative ones, but ultimately, I love it here and am looking forward to learning more about myself and whatever else wants to reveal itself to me through this little creative outlet.

I have sooooo much I want to share this year like holiday event updates, I want to get back into the wedding series, I’m making some lifestyle changes…lots of exciting things but today…I kinda just want to talk about superficial non-sense because this year will be full of things on a serious note and motivational everything so I just want to share about a couple of completely pointless things that have me excited right now…category…TV shows.



Yep. That’s right. The bachelor is back tonight and I am SO excited. I used to watch this waaay back in the day like the early single digit season type deal but then I fell off for a while…then I was back on…then back off for a while and then last season that whole, two bachelorettes gimmick totally sucked me in. I watched the whole season, was whatever about it but I fell tooottttalllllyyyyy in love with Ben. I think we all did.

I can’t wait to see what happens this season but my biggest fears are that A. They make him propose on a terrible set like they had them do last year, like…what was that? And those destination dates better be, well, better. But my biggest fear is just that he’s going to pick a girl that I don’t feel is right for him! Am I too emotionally invested in this? Probably. but whatever.

I also saw something where I guess they are bringing a couple of old girls back? Not sure how I feel about that to be honest. Feels way too much like another gimmick to me and I’m in the business of finding Ben a real soul mate here people! Totally too emotionally invested in this. ANYWAYYSSSSS I’m not sure if I’m going to be doing my own thought updates here or not (is there a link up out there I can join? Let a sista know!) but I love reading them on other blogs and I have been known to live tweet a thought or two. #BachelorNation

I think this next TV show is right up to par on trash level with The Bachelor but yall,

Teen Mom OG is back tonight too.


As of writing this (Friday night. Holla!) I’m not sure if they’re on at the same time but they probably will be because the bachelor is usually two hours and I feel like Teen Mom usually comes on at 9…but it could be 10. Idk but I will probably watch the Bachelor live. I like to tweet during both shows but watching the bachelor live is just so thrilling!

I’m excited for this season of TMOG though because I watched these girls on their very first 16 and pregnant episodes so I feel emotionally attached to them a little. Well maybe not Farrah. I feel sad for her for sure though. I do love the OG girls but I can’t lie, I’m excited to see the next season of the Teen Mom 2 girls probably just as much because I want to see Chelsea and Cole get engaged :) #HeartEyes

*Update: Bachelor comes on at 8pm anf TMOG comes on at 10pm*

And rounding out this post, in Neflix News…(and the non trashy tv category)



That’s right, so for those of you who binge watched the first 5 seasons in like…a month…then had to wait FOREVERRRRRR for the 6th and final season to come out, the wait is over my friends. It’s super short, only 13 episodes and I have a feeling they are only going to piss me off further (like they did at the end of season 5…I wont’ give spoilers though!).

Even though they made me mad, I’m still going to finish it all the way through and not stop at the beginning of the final season like we did with Nip/Tuck (trashy tv alert!). I still wish we would have finished that. Maybe it will come back. In any case, I suppose I’m excited to see how the story of the Braverman family wraps up. #WhosyourfavoriteBraverman?


Anyway, there’s my entertainment round up for the next couple of months. Isn’t it awards season, too? What superficial (or not!) entertainment are you looking forward to here in early 2016?!