Fall Scarf Exchange 2015!

Some of you may be wondering why I would have chosen to participate in a scarf exchange when I’ve made it very clear that summer is my favorite season and where I’m from in NC, winter comes to visit for a couple months and if it brings snow, it’s about an inch IF that and it melts as soon as it hits the ground.

Well, I may still have the same 4 winter scarves that I have had since my first snowboarding trip in the 8th grade, but I LOVE new summer scarves! They are lightweight and versatile. I wear them around my neck, as a decorative hair wrap sometimes or as a wrap with a nice dress.

So when Courtney from A+ Life announced that she was hosting a scarf exchange with Liz and Whitney, I knew I wanted to sign up immediately. I checked the dates to make sure I could get everything out on time and when it all looked good, I made it official!

I’m SO glad I did this because as soon as I opened my package my heart skipped a beat. My partner who purchased for me, Melanie, doesn’t have a blog but enjoys reading them so she decided to participate and I couldn’t have been more pleased with what she chose for me!

I told her I like summer scarves, I have a simple style but that I like texture in thicker summer scarves and I wanted to leave it up to her what she chose for me. She decided to bless me with TWO scarves! In a summer scarf style she chose an ombre dark blue with a gorgeous, classy floral print along with a heavier (but still fairly lightweight) plain grey (my fav!) with a simple textured design look. They both fit in so well with my style, I love them!

Ok so on to the big reveal!!!




Not only were they both a perfect match to my style, but it’s probably good she included something a little heavier because with having relocated a few hours from my hometown, the chances for winter weather that brings snow that sticks to the ground are a little higher. I suppose I’ve been in denial that I no longer live at the beach. I doubt we will get another freak snow like we did last winter but still, temperatures are a little more chilly a little farther inland. Not as windy though so that’s cool ;)

I haven’t worn the grey one yet but I did wear the blue floral to dinner with friends this past Saturday night!


Just a casual candid photo, ya know ;) Not only was the lighting terrible for a photograph but I see the scarf was placement was off center. I won’t blame the photographer (cough cough SKB) so I’ll blame the wine :)

Not only did I get these awesome goodies but I got to send some to Jessica at Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom! I loved getting to “meet” this fellow NC blogger! Maybe online meeting will turn into irl meeting one day! Check out what she received from me here!

Thanks so much to Courtney, Liz and Whitney for organizing all of this! It was a blast!