Five Favorites on Friday!

It’s Friday! Friday! Gotta get down on…



Hellooooo glorious friends and family! (Hey Papa!)

My Papa gets a special shout out today because it’s National Donut Day! Whoop Whoop! We LOVE donuts and we just so happen to live right around the corner from Britt’s Donuts. If you’ve never heard of them, people use words like “heavenly” to describe these things. They’ve been on a bunch of best donut shops list nationally, they are the bomb. The best part? They don’t need ANY bells and whistles. Just a good ol’ glazed donut will knock your socks off. That is if you’re up for waiting…sometimes up to AN HOUR AND A HALF…in line. It’s insane but not a single person says it isn’t worth it. People literally come from all over to try these bad boys. I wish I had a photo but I don’t (are you surprised?). I’ll get one next time I go back to my hometown.

So I guess that’s my first favorite thing! National Donut Day/Britt’s Donuts. Should that be 2 things?

I’ve been watching Graceland on Netflix this week and it’s quickly become a fav for sure. The new season starts on the 25th of this month and I’m pretty stoked. I still have to get through season 2 but I think I can make it happen by then. Obviously because I was able to watch season one this week. ha! Hi, I’m Jlynn and I’m a Nextflix binger. Now that I mention it, I should probably just go ahead and add Netflix to this list. Netflix is my favorite. I just said Netflix like a hundred time. Over exaggeration. Ok moving on!

I guess another favorite thing is my title because it’s totally obnoxious (just like today’s post!). I see those link ups but I never know which one to join! I’ve recently discovered that I can join as many as I want in one post. I’m about ta go HAM. But today, I’m chillin’ with my girl Miranda for Coffee Chat (even though coffee is on the list of 5 things that aren’t my favorite. gasp!) because that’s another one of my favorite things. Seriously, I love it. She posts fun links that I love. Every one of them is always great.

Speaking of links and things that are my favorite….

Watch this little girl cry upon finding out her baby brother will one day grow up. If this is old news than I’m sorry I’m so lame but I just saw this today.

You’ll have to excuse me, this week has been rather slow for me, which has not been my favorite. So I guess for my final favorite thing (even though this makes 7), this cute little photo I found on pinterest. It makes me happy to look at it so it made me happy to  share it with you! I hope your weekend is full of happy thoughts and my love is with you for hanging out through my random rambles today. I guess we’ll see if my head is cleared up come Monday :) Happy Weekend, yall!


***Linking up with Miranda for Coffee Chat!!