Ghosts of Halloweens past…

The end of October is quickly approaching and I don’t even have my costume figured out yet. That my friends, is a scary thought! Over the years, Halloween has become one of my most favorite holidays and it’s always been a dream of mine to have an annual epic Halloween party but I think Andre and I need to get some things settled first before we do that…like I don’t know…decide where we want to settle?!

My epic annual Halloween party will eventually happen I’m sure, but one thing I already love to do every year is dress up! To be honest, over the past few years I have reused costumes out of laziness because I’ve either been working or unable to really do anything but this year, Andre and I BOTH are off work and it’s 3 days before Halloween and neither of us have decided on anything officially. We are slacking for sure. So while I ponder today what I will dress as this weekend, I thought it would be fun to share a few moments from Halloweens past…

This first photo is circa 2007? I’m pretty sure I was a junior in high school and I’m pretty sure my parents had no clue I was dressing like this. I got ready at my friend Blaine’s house who was the “good” to my “evil”. We were also Angel and Mimi from rent I think the next year but I couldn’t find that photo unfortunately! and yes I was wearing little dance shorts under that tutu…as if that makes the costume any less scandalous. ha!

goodandevilPart of me can’t believe I’m posting this.

Next up is I believe 2009? Yea, I’m pretty sure. I went downtown to an 18 and up club with my friend at the time who dressed up as a bunch of grapes. It was a pretty clever costume with a million balloons pinned to him. Everyone loved my costume and some girl convinced me to go out for the costume contest but of course it was one of those “all the people you know scream for you” kind of things so when it came time for people to cheer for me…my friend was literally the ONLY one who cheered for me and it was an Even though he&I haven’t spoken in years, I think about that hilariously embarrassing moment and laugh still to this day. I have yet to enter another costume contest. ha! I did meet another Cleopatra on the way back to the car though so we snapped a photo together.

cleo2I had the jewelry&shirt, got the skirt&wrap at goodwill and bought the wig&headpiece. I’ve used it again a few times!

And last but not least…last year. This year was particularly fun because it was the first I spent with Andre and his friends together. We went to Charlotte for the weekend and just bounced around a bar crawl they were having. It was a blast although it started off kind of rocky. Leave it to me to leave my ENTIRE makeup case at home and have to go to target to rebuy literally everything. It was so frustrating. But once all that was worked out, it was a great time. Andre and I don’t always do couples costumes but on occasion we will. This particular year we didn’t go full out but when he decided on The Cat in the Hat, I went with just a regular ol kitty cat using clothes I had in my closet and some $7 cat ears. Of course add the price of my makeup and it was like a $110 costume. Is that another epic fail? Even if so, the night certainly wasn’t!

halloween2014Andre n friends

I’m super excited for this weekend and can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes! Have you chosen anything yet?!