Halloween 2015!

You guys. You know how I am usually terrible at preserving the moment in picture? Well, I am on fire here lately and I have a bomb of Halloween 2015 photos for you to prove it! After some bumps in the road, we followed through with our plans to do Halloween in my hometown of Wilmington and it was a blast. We brought one of Andre’s best friends from highschool, Justin, along with us and got to spend time with some of my friends as well.


I spent much of the day putting together Andre’s costume. Mainly just tracking down a Hawaiian print shirt and making his mug shot sign. He went as H.I McDunnough from one of our favorite movies, Raising Arizona. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s Nicolas Cage gold. Holly Hunter is in it as well and is amazing of course.


I went as a 70’s disco queen and literally felt like I was living out a past life experience. I loved my costume so much that I want to wear it out again sometime. Ha! I’m not exactly sure where I got it but I do know it’s an authentic outfit from the time. I want to say I got it from my grandmother but it could have been someone else’s grandmother. I got the costume from someone’s grandma, possibly mine, not sure. ANYWAYYYY I had the shoes, borrowed the arm bangle, got the earrings from Claire’s for $1. The wig wasn’t too pricey so all in all, our costumes were pretty cheap.


The night wouldn’t have been expensive overall if I wouldn’t have dropped my phone at the very first bar we went to! After the getting my shattered phone screen fixed the overall price of the night will go up about $150. Oops! Lesson learned, trust me!

shattered phone screen

That aside, everything else in the night was perfection. A few friends who were going to a bonfire in lieu of the downtown bars still met us out for drinks and bar food before the night kicked into high gear.

ladies70’s disco queen, Catwoman and Wonder Woman!

It was still fairly early (for downtown party time) when we finished eating but we wanted to skip out on waiting in line forever for the place we knew we wanted to start the night out in, so we just headed straight over from dinner. After a quick 2 minute walk, we were the first ones to get there which may be lame to some but this is my FAVORITE time to be there. I love having all that space on the dance floor to boogy without being shoulder to shoulder and to take photos. It’s so fun!

skb and justinSKB as Medusa with an amazing headpiece she made herself! And Justin as…well, you get it ;)

solo on the dance floorSolo on the dance floor!



Once it started to fill up it was still fun as the energy was good awesome. People were dancing, asking to take photos with Justin, just having a good time all around. It was here we met up with my sweet friend Kristi Ray! She was dressed as a Unicorn with her horn made out of a decorative mini Christmas tree and headband she put together herself. It was awesome!

unicorn fun

dance floor fun

Before we left we hung around on the second level of the bar for some more mellow music and photo opportunities of course! This is where a girl spilled a drink all over me but it was totally cool because…I’ve been that girl. Guilty. I was about 6 tequila shots deep at that point so I was literally giving zero fuvks, I was having too much fun!

me n skb


mug shot

red lights

great photographyVision.

Photo taking began to decline at this point as more drinks were consumed and more friends joined in on the fun. We left here to find our friend Hal who brought his new roommate James along. We all made our way to a new bar and met another friend, Jenna, who joined in on the festivities after she got off work. I was so glad she made it out with us!



We stayed out until riiight around 2AM (before the clock switched back!) and then decided it was time for pizza! The cab got there before we had a chance to order so Hal stayed behind with another and brought a couple of pies back to our house. A few more friends joined for drinking games and we all hung as long as we possibly could.

end of the night

I would say it was a very successful Halloween night! It was a lot of fun being able to let loose in my hometown with some of my very favorite people. I hope everyone had a safe night with people they love! Since it took us FOREVER to decide on what to be this year, Andrew&I already have our costumes planned out for next year…and it’s going to be epic.

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween! Any festivities you’d like to share?! Tell me a fun story from your night or leave a link to your blog post in the comments! I love reading about fun!

Until next time….