Happy Friday 13th!


Hellllooo friends! It’s one of my favorite days today! Not that it only comes around once every 1000 years or anything, I just love all the hubbub around Friday the 13th… I hope you read that in a spooky type voice.

I wasn’t planning on showing up here today. I’m still new at this and am still finding my groove I suppose. I’ve also been busting my butt planning some serious natural hair posts among other things buuuuut one of my favorite bloggers Miranda at Miranda Writes just started her (I think) very first link up and I wanted to get in on the action! It’s technically calledCoffee Chatbut you can link up about whatever, whenever so since it’s my first time linking up at all in any linkup, it’s Friday the 13th and it’s after 5pm I’m going to call this Wine time and just tell you 13 things about myself in case you just stopped by for a visit or you know me and just wanna know more. Yay! So without further ado…

Wine Time- 13 things about JLynn Justad

1. I love Friday the 13th! but I don’t like coffee… Gasp!

2. That has nothing to do with me loving scary movies or Taylor Swift because I actually kinda don’t with either. GASP!

3. I have 3 cats. Jack, Merlot&Captain (who we call by his middle name, Nox). We’re not obsessed with alcohol, Jack was first then Merlot and Nox followed a few years later and we just kept it going. I promise we’re not crazy cat people. We went for just one kitten and came home with two. It’s a story for another day ha!

4. I am a terrible cook to date but I am working on it!

5. I am on my second passport

6. My husband and I LOVE Fraiser. It’s our favorite show. We probably watch 1-2 episodes every night for the most part. It’s so hilarious every time!

7. Summer is my favorite season!

8. Jazz music is where it’s at. I love it.

9. I also enjoy electronic music though, I can listen to pretty much anything. Including music people make with their feet. Like these guys. They blow me away every time I see one of their videos. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone move their feet that fast. I mean, they have a friggin warning at the beginning, come on. that’s crazy.

10. I grew up in a beach town and lived there until about 5 months ago when my husband got a new job and we moved. I miss the beach but we didn’t have to go too far :)

11. I am a Gemini in every sense of the sign. I was born a week late and I’ve always said it was in accordance with my true star sign.

12. I have 8 tattoos and that includes a 1/2 sleeve. Well it’s more like a 1/4 sleeve. It’s not finished but I don’t have plans to take it to a full sleeve. I actually just decided that a few days ago. I’m not finished with tattoos, I just don’t want a full sleeve just because I like the look of what I have now.

13. I say no to pretty much everything Kardashian. No judgement on you if you looove them, they just aren’t my cup of tea. You know who is though? Mary Kate&Ashely, Princess Kate, Zoe Saldana, Zendaya&Tia&Tamera Mowery who people have always told me are my celeb look alikes.


So there you have it! 13 things about me on Friday the 13th! I hope you guys all have a wonderful weekend. I probably won’t be back for Sunday Brunch this weekend either (I was MIA last week) because we’re prepping for a minor surgery for Andre next week so send your prayers&good vibes if you get to thinking of it!


Lots of love to you!


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