Happy St. Patrick’s Day! : A Dirty Dancing Recast

Ok so I was debating on waiting to post this until August for two reasons:

1. The anniversary of the movie’s release date

2. The star’s birthday

But when thinking about if I had anything to write about for St. Patrick’s day, I thought it would be cool to switch things up a little so I decided to post this Dirty Dancing recast on St. Patrick’s Day in dedication to one of my favorite Patricks of all time, Patrick Swayze. May he rest in peace!

dirty dancing


So the idea behind this recast is a scene for scene, line for line, step for step recreation of our beloved Dirty Dancing with new faces playing the same characters. Andrew and I came up with this one night and we still think it’s brilliant. Maybe you will too. It’s star studded so beware, this is pretty Alist-tastic but it’s all good because this is for fuuuuunnnn!

Johnny Castle: Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum - Johnny


This was certainly the hardest choice for me because no one will ever be Pat Sway, but Andrew (after MUCH lobbying) convinced me that he would be the best choice. I suppose. He can dance, we all know that. But can he really be the bad boy? The misunderstood boy, yea, ok. But Johnny Castle bad? Andre seems convinced but I think I would have to see an audition tape. Buut then again, that might just be my Patrick Swayze bias so I will have faith in Andrew’s casting here.

Baby Houseman: Lea Michele

Lea Michele- Baby


If you disagree with me on this, we pretty much can’t be friends. Ok only kidding but seriously, this would be perfection! Although baby doesn’t sing, we know Lea can dance too and she’s a natural born performer who can pull off that “innocent feistiness” with ease.

Jake Houseman (Baby’s dad): Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck- Jake


Andrew and I both agree this guy could step up to the task of playing Dr. Houseman. Oh and the mustache stays.

Marjorie Houseman (Baby’s mom): Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon- Marjorie


This is a no brainer right? She’s got the look, beautiful, amazing actress. I think she would be on everyone’s Dirty Dancing recast list!

Lisa Houseman (Baby’s sister): Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman- Lisa


The character of Lisa is actually pretty hilarious. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Lisa is practicing for the talent show. It makes me laugh out loud every time. And how she’s still singing even after Johnnys walked up on stage and all the other music has stopped. Ha! I love it. I know she could slay this part.

Penny Johnson : Allison Holker

Allison Holker- Penny


Allison is super awesome. I’m a huge fan. I fell in love with her back in her So You Think You Can Dance days. Not only does she have the “Penny” look, but she also has the moves. If you need proof check out this routine she performed with her husband (and former SYTYCD alum as well!) Stephen “Twitch” Boss on Dancing with the Stars…where she’s now a pro! Did anyone else watch the premier last night?! If you did, you saw her rocking it out as usual. Just youtube her. She’s amazing.

Neil Kellerman: Dave Franco

Dave Franco- Neil


Andrew and I went back and forth about this one because he said Dave Franco is too good looking but even though that’s totally true (he is very good looking) he can also be a goofball and not take himself too seriously which I think is the most important thing to have if you’re going to play this part because Neil was definitely a goober who took himself way too seriously in a hilarious but not over the top kinda way.

Max Kellerman: Tom Wilkinson

Tom Wilkinson - Max Kellerman


I think he would actually be pretty hilarious as Max. He may have to wear contacts though ;)

Tito Suarez (band leader): Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg- Tito


So, Snoop is not as old as Tito’s character but Andrew was really excited about this casting choice and I can’t help but agree, it would be awesome. This may or may not have been the inspiration behind this entire recast.

Billy Kostecki (Johnny’s cousin): Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann


My favorite Billy scene is in the end when he’s dancing with Lisa. I love it. Am I slowly figuring out that Lisa is in fact my favorite Dirty Dancing character?!

Robbie Gould: Joshua Bowman

Joshua Bowman - Robbie


He is just so. ahh. Not only is he handsome, totally looks the part, but we already know he can play a spoiled brat (with a totally convincing American accent) because of his (amazing) job as Daniel on Abc’s Revenge!

Vivian Pressman: Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones - Vivan


CZJ is such a timeless beauty. There’s no doubt that the character of Vivian was beautiful…but I’m pretty sure Catherine wouldn’t have any trouble playing the saucy, vindictive vixen role either…

Dirty Dancers: There are about 8 credited Dirty Dancers and I think I found some pretty qualified people..

Twitch&Sasha I know I already shared a Twitch video earlier with Allison but I had to show this one because Sasha is in it too and I would choose the two of them just based on this dance. I love the concept of hip hop to slower music. This dance was so fun to watch and it has a little bit of “dirty dancing” in it as well so theres that :)

And any one of these people

or these people !!

So there you have it. My dirty dancing star studded recast. I’ll have you know I was drinking a beer while putting this post together and I’m probably drinking one as you’re reading this!

***Have a wonderful day of drinking should you so choose but please remember to be responsible by not getting yourself into dangerous situations (especially alone or around people you don’t know) and taking cabs! If you want to put your own life in jeopardy then really that’s your own choice but please don’t put someone else’s life at risk adult or child by getting behind the wheel under the influence.

Love to you all and HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!