Hello 2015!

new watermark

I have been stifled. If by nothing first but my own self.

The end of December is often a time of reflection and in seeking out some of those reflective blog posts I found Casey’s. I follow her on bloglovin’ so it wasn’t too hard ;)

At the end she asked if we had ever chosen a word for the year before and my answer was no. I have known of other people that have done this before but I’ve never participated. That’s why I love Casey’s blog because she has such a gentle spirit and a kind heart that is so beautifully reflected in her writing. Even just in sharing a post from last year (before I started reading blogs really) my heart was blessed and inspired.

I decided that I wanted a word but I didn’t want to choose it. I’ve been doing too much of that in my life, trying to have all the control. I wanted the word to come to me and it did almost immediately. Like my spirit was trying to tell me I already knew what the year 2015 would hold for me.


My word for 2015 is Growth.

I have felt at a standstill for so long. And lately, just stuck in the limbo between the girl I was and the young woman I am becoming. I’ve been able to feel the shift approaching but I’m ready to move through. I’m ready to let go of anxiety and expectation and just stay in the present. I’m ready for all those lessons I’ve learned to start showing themselves in changed behavior. A changed person. A woman renewed in love, faith and positivity. Renewed in Joy.

So I welcome 2015 with an open mind and heart.

Cheers to the new year and spreading love like wildfire.