Hometown Happenings: The Bridal Expo!

Happy Friday friends!

It’s been a minute since I have had a moment to show up here. I started a new job last Monday so I’ve been trying to get in to what will be my solid routine for the next long while. I finally feel good about the direction things are moving but it’s sure exhausting adjusting to new hours and scheduling. I’m sure everyone can relate in some way or another!

Anyway, Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve had a Monday-Friday non service industry related job so I had forgotten how good it feels to be one of those people excited for the weekend! I’m particularly excited for this weekend because my brother is turning 20 on Monday so we’re celebrating this Saturday! We’re also celebrating on Monday because that day only comes around once every four years! Yay for leap year babies!! And this episode of Frasier.

Last weekend was an exciting one as well though because I got to take a girls trip with my step sisters to my hometown for a wedding event! My sister Jasmine is moving towards engagement with her longtime beau so we thought it would be fun to check out a fairly small bridal expo at a venue right on the beach. She’s always wanted a beach wedding so it was a perfect opportunity to dip her toes into the sea of wedding planning as well as see family and just have an all around good time together.


We left later in the evening on Friday after I got off work. We made it there fairly quickly, talking music and Pinterest wedding inspo along the way. Once we got in, even though it was late and we felt a little tired, we somehow ended up until about 2am chatting with our grandparents by the fireplace about literally everything. I mean- we covered love, fear, books, God, our dreams and goals…just all around life in general. It was so good to my soul.

Saturday morning/afternoon I made my way to visit with my maternal grandmother at her new apartment. It was such a sweet time. She just moved not too long ago and her new apartment is so sassy! It’s like a little bachelorette pad!! She lives near her sister too so they are able to visit everyday and I can just tell that she is so happy. She looks so great and it made my heart swell to be able to spend time with her. I was able to ask her about some important things about what she remembered from the civil rights movement too and I am so thankful that I am able to ask her those things and get her perspective.

After I saw her, I headed to my uncle’s house to pick up my little cousin for lunch and I introduced her to one of my favorite restaurants of all time, Flaming Amy’s. They have THE BEST pineapple salsa. I could probably drink it. That sounds gross but not if you’ve had this salsa. You know what I’m talking about, Hayley!

After that I went back to my grandparent’s and we started to get ready for the night. We had plans to meet my (maternal) cousin out downtown for drinks and dancing. We went super early though and ended up doing appetizers, then met up with a couple of my hometown friends…which resulted in karaoke!!!!! So. Much. Fun. After karaoke, my hometown friends headed home and I headed to the dance club with my fam. I LOVE that I’m able to spend time with members from my mom’s side of the family AND my dad’s together, even though my parents are no longer together. I also ran into a very drunk friend on the way to the car to go home, who bench pressed me over his head while I was eating a hotdog. It was madness and I loved it.

thefourLove my fam!!


cousins1My wedding band tattoo ♥

thefour2I was clearly not the driver.

Sunday we spent a few hours at the expo eating, drinking and taking hysterical photo booth photos. Oh and we also checked out some wedding vendors, haha! It was a GREAT weekend. I needed that kind of fun. Sometimes you just need a weekend with your girls (even though not all of mine were there). These young women are my family, my heart and my soul and I love them.


expophoto2Ablurry but I don’t care. Love these memories ♥


Cheers to last Fridays, this Fridays and next Fridays!