Hurricane happenings

So it’s Friday, and this weekend we are supposed to be hosting a Frisbee Golf (Folf) tournament but then there is this guy….

hurricane Joaquinvia

Being from the beach, hurricane watch is something I grew up doing. I remember being a child and waiting patiently for the eye of the storm to come about so I could go play outside with my neighborhood friends. Missing school was a perk..until summer came and brought the make-up days with it. All I saw at that age was fun mixed in with a little bit of adrenalin from the “fear” of a big storm but thunder, lightening, wind and rain are not concepts that have ever really scared me.

It wasn’t until I got older that I realized how detrimental these events can be. My heart and prayers are certainly with all those that are baring down through Joaquin at the moment. Reports are that someone in the Carolinas has already lost their life to a tree that toppled over onto a car and we aren’t even in the thick of the storm. There is a state of emergency here in NC (and SC) as of right now because of potential flooding but from what I can gather, the worst of the storm isn’t expected to pass over land here.

I’m thankful for that but it still means possible rough weather for all my loved ones at the beach and of course, these things can change course if they so choose. As of yesterday it was just an aggravating sprinkle all day long and if anything major does happen, rumor is it will be on Sunday. So all I can do from a few hours away is send lots of good energy to my friends, family and really everyone dealing with Joaquin and his mess while I wait to see the sun again from here…


And of course this weather is paining my heart to remember the destruction of my beloved Hunter boots.


Yep, you’re viewing that right. I got my first pair of Hunter boots last year to see what all the fuss was about and unlike my PSL experienceI loved them. They are so warm and comfy and beautiful. And of course- just as the season got right for me to break them back out, I discover that my cat yep – CAT– had utterly destroyed them.


I mentioned it on twitter (@jlynnjustad) when I found them not too long ago but I am really feeling the pain here lately with Joaquin throwing me all this lovely Hunter boot weather. The worst part is knowing that it is totally my fault for not keeping them in the box! But then again…this is why I have cats, and not a dog! What the heck, Nox?!

I will have to write up about my boys on here sometime soon because they are certainly the strangest little feline creatures. I haven’t ordered a new pair yet. I’ve been thinking about finding a retailer and just buying them in store but I haven’t decided what I want to do yet. I think I’m also partly punishing myself for not taking more precautions and keeping them in the box. I certainly won’t under estimate my kitties next time!

I hope wherever you are, you are safe and make it through this weekend, Joaquin or no Joaquin. Keep all of us east coasters in your thoughts and maybe on Monday I’ll have a “hurricane party” of sorts to update you about ;)

Lots of love to you, friends!