I can never come up with good titles for blog posts.

Well hello there :)

I haven’t put much research into the situation but I feel like that whole mercury in retrograde situation really got my life twisted up last week! Anyone else feel the same?

Honestly, I feel like it’s largely in part the way I’ve been eating. I finished the Whole 30 and jumped right back into a sugar heavy diet. Ah! I really hate admitting that but I’m going to own it. I could blame it all on the fact that as soon as I finished the Whole 30 we went on a trip and upon returning from the trip I made my way into the red tent and just literally ate all the ice cream and chocolate I could get my hands on…for comfort. DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNN. But I’m not going to just blame it on those things because (aside from the trip) I survived that particular time of the month while on the program. I can do it now!

So…What am I doing?!

I know. I know. It’s terrible too because my energy is way down, my sleep is bonkers again…I feel totally reckless! It might be time for another whole 30 making sure I get reintroduction right. I don’t think I intended to get this far off but I have so now that I am acknowledging that, it’s time to make some changes. Even without getting introduction right the first time I know that I am kicking sugar out of the club, starting today actually! I’ll put more of an emphasis on cutting out all sugar when I start the program again, for now I’m just staying away from sweet drinks, desserts, anything overwhelmingly sugary. As far as sugar as an ingredient in my tomato sauce, I might just let that slide until I’m back on the program.

Speaking of which, I’ve actually had lots of thoughts about my “diet” and body image and all that here lately. I’ve even introduced my family to the idea of a capsule kitchen. We’re going  to make that the new norm once we’ve eaten up all the food in the fridge and pantry. I’m planning on sharing more here coming up because I think summer is a perfect time. Everyone is worried about their bikini bodies and eating well to balance all the alcohol. Ha!

I’m not sure living 24/7 in compliance with the Whole 30 way of life is for me, but I do want to see where I’m at once I’ve done reintroduction properly. That way, I can really see what is and isn’t for me so I can come up with a more complete picture of how I want to eat.

Radio silence last week was due to the fact that I was too exhausted to put effort into writing anything. Do you ever feel like you want to write but it would take too much emotional energy to write about all the stuff you want to write about? Ah. I’m rambling.

Ok so it was that and the fact that my baby kitty (who is really 2 years old) got sick this week! I posted about it on facebook and Instagram but never updated so here it is: he’s ok as of now!

He had a urinary blockage which they said is fairly common but can be dangerous if not treated. We caught it super early on, he only had to do one overnight in the animal hospital, was on meds&will be special food for a bit but overall he’s ok and goes back for a checkup in a couple weeks. Thanks to all who sent up prayers and good energy for us. I’m thankful for you and my healthy kitty!!

 Did anyone else watch Game of Thrones last night? Hit me up on twitter if you want to talk about it/need emotional support. We should be there for each other in times like this.

If you haven’t seen it, you should probably get on that. It airs tonight in the UK so I’m pretty sure the wrath of the show’s fans is about to be fully released.

Here’s to a week of recovery!!

Love you guys!