Is this thing on?!?!

It appears that my blog probz have worked themselves out! I’m not positive though so I’m just kinda using this post as a test but I thought instead of just saying “testing 123” I would say HEEEEYYYYYYYYYY YOUUUUUUUUU ALLLLLL!


I’ve quite missed you over this last week bc I had a ton of fun stuff to post but couldn’t :( Hopefully this will prove that all is fixed now! I appreciate you all bearing with me over these last (how long have I been blogging again?) months of trying to figure out how all the technical aspects of this works. Maybe someday I’ll talk about why I chose to go with wordpress right out the gate but first I need to not feel like I’m in way over my head with just about everything but writing posts! This is a journey after all, right? ;)




Pending all my problems have sorted themselves out (which maybe actually kinda still has me nervous now that I think about it…) tune in Friday for a hilarious video that will probably get my friends scolded for allowing me to hold a firearm. Exciting stuff!


love to all of you!!