Leap Day: A birthday celebration!

Happy Monday and Happy LEAP DAY!!!

Wooohooo!!! We won’t see this day for another 4 years, yall. There is something so exciting about that for me. I don’t know why. It always seemed kinda silly to me I think and I tend to love silly things (there’s a time and a place though of course…).


Back to silly!

As you saw if you were around here on Friday, over the weekend we celebrated the birthday of my younger brother who is in fact, a Leap Day baby! That’s of course yet another (and the best) reason I love Leap Day aside from the fact it’s a totally silly day and it inspired one of my favorite episodes of Frasier (Season 3 episode 16 if you want to watch on Netflix!). We went out downtown to a restaurant I had never been to before and it was so much fun! I met my brother’s friends for the first time, we had good food&beverages, and I was able to give him his “happy single digit birthday” card. It had mermaids on the front and a long, sappy, emotional personal message on the inside because we’re a very emotional people in our family.

It was all around a wonderful time and I am so delighted that I was able to spend that night with him and his dear friends.



sterlingbday5sillies :P

Happy birthday to my sweet brother, Sterling. You mean the world to me and having you in my life is one of my truest treasures! ♥