Life Lately…

Hey yall! I miss ya last week, but there was just lots going on (more on that later). Even though my week was trying, I ended up having a much needed weekend of good, fun things happening that totally rejuvenated my soul. The universe totally blessed me this weekend by sending me a snowy(ish- but I’ll take it) weekend filled with good times with good friends and QT with my man AND a Panther’s win that puts us in the SUPER BOWL!!!!!!


I couldn’t be happier for the team, my home state (I’ll incude you too, SC. We’re all in this together! Carolinas unite!) and of course, my sweet husband who is THRILLED. He moved around as a kid but came to NC in middle school when he was just starting to make important life decisions …like where his sports fandom loyalty would belong… and the Carolina Panthers stole his heart above all other teams in any sport.

He was actually able to attend last night’s playoff game with pretty much all of his best friends (with the exception of a couple) and two of his brothers. They were scattered in the stadium but were able to tailgate together and he really had a great time. Can’t wait for the Super Bowl partying to commence!

brothersbrothers with an appearance by someone’s shadow haha

friendsfriends! And no, that is not me on the top left haha

The day before the game (Saturday) we went over to a friends house to go sledding on his family’s property. It was my first time sledding and I had SO much fun despite the fact that I wasn’t wearing appropriate shoes (Thanks Nox) so my toes were literal pieces of ice. I also took a spin or two around on the four wheeler and it was my first time driving one so that was cool too :)

I didn’t take any photos other than on the way, but I got some really nice pictures of the scenes from when I first woke up and then right before we left for home. It really turned out to be a wonderful weekend.

winterwonderlandGood Morning! (you may have caught this on ig, @jlynnjustad)

littlesnowmanMust stop before sledding to made a little snowman atop the car :)

ridingtosledriding to the sled spot!

goodnightsnowdayAnother (no filter) snap from ig (@jlynnjustad) Goodnight snow day!! ♥

And of course, I can’t end this post before talking about how stoked I am for The Bachelor tonight. I am really hoping that Ben makes it known to all the girls that he didn’t appreciate their behavior against Jubilee. If I didn’t already love him, he just melted my heart coming to her defense against those girls (mainly Amber). My thoughts on Jubilee are coming in their own blog post here soon. Right now, my top 5 is:

• Jubilee

• Lauren B.

• Amanda

• Caila

• Olivia
(as much as it pains me and I think shes the new ‘mean girl’)

Tyler and Caitlynn’s wedding ceremony is tonight on Teen Mom OG and I’m really excited about that as well because I think they do amazing stuff for the adoption community. Sharing their story, every painful, joyful piece…I think it’s really something and the fact that they’ve been together 10 years and are tying the knot after all they’ve been through?! It’s fairy tale status to me for sure ♥

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a fantastic start to your week! Love to all of you!!!