Life lately…

Well helloooooo there!

I’ve gone pretty much this entire month without updating here and I kinda hate that but kinda don’t because I know how absolutely crazy this month has been for me and sometimes you need to just take a step back on some things to more intently focus on others and that’s what I’ve been doing. I suppose I could have mentioned I would be away before just seeming to disappear off of the face of the earth but to be honest, I haven’t really been able to see much in my life beyond a foot in front of me.

Over this past month, I have been smack in the middle of a job transition…or two…and things probably won’t officially calm down until – well… maybe 2016! Ha! I wanted to say middle of November but by that time, Holiday season will be in full swing and I don’t think anyone calls that time of year any word associated with “calm”. Not saying it’s bad, just fast paced with family gatherings and other events and whatnot.

So! I say all that to say that for those of you who venture here to see what I’m up to, I apologize for leaving you on the edge of your seat for so long but there hasn’t really been much to update other than the job stuff and I can’t even really update on that because I’m still in transition. BUT! When I’ve settled into my new routine, I would love to share and can’t wait to honestly :)

I have missed my blogging buddies, too! In addition to putting a blogging binder together and trying to figure out a course of action to keep this space updated more regularly (which made me realize how much I really have been collecting to share here!), I’ve tried to catch up on reading and commenting and all that a little bit last week but then went pretty much a whole ‘nother week without really having time to read any at all so I’m beginning to feel like I’m forever behind in seeing what’s up with everyone else too…non-blogging friends included! Hopefully as my new routine continues to iron out over the next couple of weeks I can get back to what feels on track with all of that.

There hasn’t been much time for extracurricular activities lately but that all changed this past weekend with a trip to my hometown! I got to visit Wilmington Friday-Sunday and it was amazing. I had a wonderful car ride there with my sister in law, checked a bunch of things off of my to-do list (like go see my Chiropractor! I refuse to change!) and even though things didn’t go exactly as planned, I got to spend time with some family and friends as well. Andre wasn’t able to join me on this trip but I still made the most of it and had a blast.

Friday after running my errands I went to visit a friend at the beach. The ocean, plus random fireworks obviously equals magic. Then I went downtown with my girlfriend Hayley to a trap music party. It was fun dressing up for the event and then continuing to bounce around from place to place dressed up. I didn’t know I would need a costume so I had to get something earlier in the day which ended up being a t-shirt that said “THIS IS MY COSTUME” and a pink wig. It was a big hit though!

cat women and pink haried girl1I look like a tiny little alien creature and my friend looks like a voluptuous goddess with mermaid hair.


selfie sessionSelfie session…

cute selfie

silly selfie

 best medicineThe best of times!

 Saturday I attended my very first Greek wedding with my friends Sarah and Patrick. Our mutual friend Alexii married her long time love Alex. Fairytale status right?! You may have seen my multiple posts on IG (@jlynnjustad). I don’t typically post there every day but I updated multiple times that night because I had SO. MUCH. FUN. They certainly know how to throw a party. Sarah performed a belly dance routine and it was amazing. Even with the back of her top popping open at the end of the song! Ha! Oops! After we decided to head out of the reception (that was going till 2am!) we found ourselves downtown before retiring for the night.

the crewThe crew otw!

the ladiesThe ladies

 beautiful weddingBeautiful ceremony

thebandhelping SKB get ready for her performance!


thecrewpt2The crew part 2!

20yearsest. 1996

Sunday I caught up on some sleep, went shopping for something I super excited to talk about in a couple weeks(!!) and spent some time at my grandmother’s house with my precious cousin, planning her Sweet 16 birthday party that is quickly approaching. It was so sweet to have dinner with them and chat about all the fun times to be had in celebration of her sweet little life :)


I love when I get to go back and visit my hometown even though it feels different every time, especially when Andre isn’t with me. I’m thankful though for every opportunity I get to go back and see as many of my loved ones as possible. Even though everything didn’t go as planned, I had so much fun and hope to see those I couldn’t see this time, next time!

I’m hoping to be able to update more frequently now…heres hoping. Ha! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well and you know that I love you tons and am sending you lots of good energy!