Monday Musings: 13 More things about JLynn

Happy Monday you guys! Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and I hope everyone is excited! I have a super fun tribute to a special Patrick in my life so be on the lookout for that tomorrow but today I wanted to share with you an “anonymous” comment that was submitted by one of my closest, long time friends on my Friday the 13th post from last week! When I read it, I thought it was too hilarious to just approve as a comment, it deserved it’s own post.

Some say it’s the things your friends say about you that really show who you are so I wanted to share SKB’s 13 facts about JLynn. This may be a mistake but here goes…

The real 13 things about jLynn:

-She once peed her pants on the bus laughing so hard. She had to borrow someone else’s pants that night.
*Tis true. But I will not apologize for laughing that hard!

-She used to tell people she was half Ethiopian and half Swedish.
*I did. But this was only because when people would ask for my ethnicity, black&white never seemed to be good enough. They wanted actual heritage and I don’t know too many specifics so I made something up to get past all the questioning. Sorry yall! ha!

-Her MySpace was poppin. Wish I could find it.
*So do I. I still feel like Myspace was better than Facebook.

 -She and I once threw a party good enough to be written down in a history book. Even the cops agreed!
*It wasn’t project X or anything but we are guilty of this. Lol. Dang noise complaints.

-She has been dumpster diving, probably more than once.
*Not more than once, but the instance she is referring to is directly related to the above fact. That’s all I’m sayin.

-She used to have “colonies” of imaginary friends that she took really good care of actually.
*So did she. She would bring her shoebox full of imaginary friends over to my house and we would let them play together.

-Her wedding has been planned since she was 9.
*True, but it was more so just printing out a million different dresses that ended up looking nothing like the one I ended up choosing.

-She had attacked me with lime flavored Popsicles more than once.
*The popsicle war was totally mutual. Don’t let her fool you.

-She let me blindfold her and feed her the world’s most horrifying sandwich.
*We called them “Friendwhichs”, she ate one too, then we had a dance party to Lou Bega.

-She taught me how to dance. And now I’m a dancer.
*Lou Bega helped.

– She was a cheerleader. So adorable.

*Sometimes true but I’ve gotten much better.

-She taught me all about…S-E-X
*Ok hold on. I don’t think I taught her about it, we just thought it was a bad word (when we were 7) so there was a dare for someone to say it, then we both ending up saying it so if anything, I taught her how to spell it. I see she still remembers.

I could keep going. Was that 13? Idk. I’m about as bad at math as joshlynn is.
*Again true, I’m not the best with numbers..

Anonymous best friend.


**So there you have it. A loving comment from a wonderful friend of 19 years. And of course, Disregarding anonymity completely, here she is. SKB.


Here we are. At the tender ages of 15&16 at play rehearsal. High School Musical holla.


She got older though.


Then I asked her to be a bridesmaids at my wedding party and give a toast..and it was every bit as RomCom drunk best friend gives a terrible toast as I had always envisioned.

Thanks for making my dreams come true Debbi K. I love you.