Movies I’m stoked to watch this holiday season

Holiday movie favorites from The Starling's Journey*I don’t always make blog post graphics, but when I do, they’re super precious*

As you probably already know if you’ve been hanging around this space for a bit…summer is my jam. It’s my all time favorite season and I have a hard time letting go every year.

But, even though summer is my absolute fav, a week or so ago (before Halloween! Can you believe it?!) I caught myself getting excited for some of my favorite holiday movies. So, I thought I would share in the excitement of all the others out there heading full speed ahead into cooler weather and warmer drinks (just not pumpkin spice lattes…). I mean, it is the first week of Novemeber!

Some of these are classics, some are just ones I really enjoy watching every year…over and over again of course! I’ve also added drink selections to go along with these movies to help set the vibe.

Happy ChristmasO1Via

1. Happy Christmas

Beverage to enjoy while watching: Grapefruit Rosemary Mule Ok going to be honest, I haven’t had this yet but when I found the recipe I knew I wanted to try it and I feel like a Moscow Mule of some sort would pair really well with this movie because they are kinda hipsterish right now and I totally feel like a hipster when watching this.

This is the movie that actually inspired this post. I was just thinking about how I’m really pumped to watch it again. It came out last year and we just decided to watch it at random really. I want to say it was on Netflix? I like Anna Kendrick so I’m sure she was the pull for me to watch it, but it’s the little boy who steals the show. I mean, he is just adorable. It’s an indie film shot in a way that makes it look kinda old school-ish? Not sure that makes any sense at all but you’ll understand if/when you watch it. Because I’m assuming you hold my opinion in really high regard.

The story follows a girl who moves in with her brother, his wife and their young child during the holiday season because she’s a screw up and yada yada. It’s not really exciting, it’s just a sweet little story about some people who care a lot about each other who end up learning more about themselves from spending time with one another. It’s warm and fuzzy without being over the top at all. I highly recommend it for a chill night.

Disclaimer: I guess I should warn you that my husband in fact does not enjoy this movie. He did love the little boy but other than that he thinks this is the most depressing and boring Christmas movie ever. Which, some people are depressed around this time of year so maybe it will cheer them up. He did not want me to include this movie on this list but I told him to get his own blog.


2. Elf

Beverage to enjoy while watching: White Russian I’ll have to post my recipe as we move further into the holiday season but this one from A Beautiful Mess sounds so yum I can’t wait to try it!

Obviously, right? Like this wasn’t going to make the list. If you’ve been around since last year, you know that one of our traditions as a married couple is to decorate our tree and home all in one day followed by milk, cookies, and Elf! I don’t usually like to dip my cookies in alcoholic beverages so I’ll do a half (if that) glass of milk with my few cookies then follow up with a White Russian for the duration of the movie.

I can’t drink too many though because they make me feel super full super fast, I’m not really a big milk person anyway. That and a hangover from these is pretty wicked so…you’ve been warned! As far as the movie goes, if you haven’t seen it yet…I’m sorry about the coma you’ve been in these last 12 years but you should totally check it out.


3. This Christmas

Beverage to enjoy while watching: Hot Toddy For this particular movie I would suggest (and want to try for myself!) the Hot Apple Ginger Toddy. This movie is set in a warmer climate so you won’t see snow but it’s got those cool, jazzy holiday vibes so I felt a brown liquor was appropriate.

I love this movie. I just love holiday movies centered around family drama because we all have it! Every family has issues of some sort whether they be big or small, many or few. And if there’s tension anywhere, the holiday season is typically the time we all feel it because we’re all around each other, right? Even though it’s a time to focus on the love we all have for one another, it doesn’t always start out that way and can get a little messy. I always hope for everyone though that if that is your family, it turns out alright like it does in this movie.

It even ends with a soul train line. I mean, how much more family fun can you have?! This movie will certainly make you smile, laugh and even groove a little bit. I love movies with good music. Also- I just want to point out that Chris Brown was in this movie before he went a little nuts. Ha! He seemed like such a sweetheart back in the day. Oh well…

The Polar ExpressO1Via

4. The Polar Express

Beverage to enjoy while watching: Hot Chocolate of course! Bailey’s optional.. ;) I’ve had this hot chocolate recipe pinned forever and I’m finally going to try it this year!

This movie is a part of another holiday tradition we have. We always have hot chocolate and watch The Polar Express on Christmas Eve. Unlike Elf, we will watch this many times before that night but it’s just a special way to almost say goodbye to watching it. Or ‘until next time’.

Christmas Day and every day following always feels like everyone is in such a rush or geared up for the changing of the year. Christmas Eve is such an important night to me because it’s where we just slow down for what feels like the first time in a while and the last time for a while (or at least until we get into the groove of the new year). This movie might even be my all time favorite to watch during the holiday season. I always feel so moved by it.

The Family StoneO1Via

5. The Family Stone

Beverage to enjoy while watching: Your favorite glass of wine!

I love- love, love- this movie. It’s older (2005) but I still feel like I come across a lot of people who have never seen it. It’s another dysfunctional yet functional family story with some sadness sprinkled in. Although it might cause a tear or two, the ending leaves you with hope still, and I love that. This story is certainly a little wild but I’m sure something similar has happened in real life somewhere in the world.

My girl Rachel McAdams is a part of the cast among so many other greats. I suggest this movie for a cozy night in with the gals or your partner. Either one works because it’s got a very cozy and laid back vibe…which is why I suggest your favorite glass of wine- as well as pjs! Yes, I feel like people should watch this movie in their pajamas. A fireplace would be nice too, but if you don’t have that then light some candles and pile the blankets on the couch. Disclaimer: Even though I do it (because I’ve seen it so many times) I wouldn’t suggest watching this movie alone for the first time. You’ve been warned.

And now for my honorable mention…..


Honorable Mention: Dumb&Dumber

This is another one my husband didn’t want me to include because he says it is not a Christmas movie but as I have mentioned before I kinda feel like it is so……..he can get his own blog ;) I feel like you can just crack open a beer and watch this whenever you need a laugh or the “holiday blues” start to get to you. This movie always reminds me not to take myself too seriously and sometimes I think we could use that reminder during this always crazy time of the year!



I hope you enjoyed my list of holiday movie favorites! Let me know if you watch any of them paired with the drinks and what you think if it’s your first time!! Any new holiday movies coming out this year you want to see? My Diane Keaton loving heart can’t wait to see Love the Coopers! What about you?!