My strategy to combat procrastination




I’ve joked before about my  procratination  issues, but I think it’s something serious I’m ready to deal with. When I sat back trying to think of a way to do that, I figured I should first try to figure out why I struggle with it so much. I think (at least in my case) that any issues with procrastination are a direct result of me working against the natural flow of my thought process. I’m tired of jamming days full of “things to do” instead of asking myself questions like:

What do I want to do?

What do I need to do?

What can I do?

So I blow myself off because I’m not working with the natural energy of my personality. I think making what to do with my time a dialogue with myself instead of a list of life’s demands might make completing tasks easier and more fun.

Structure is wonderful and I believe in the benefits of it but if your mind is more free-flowing, you should allow for that some in your life. I feel like if you don’t, you’ll be constantly working against yourself, potentially setting yourself back. I guess it’s in the same way someone who is more structure oriented shouldn’t “go with the flow” if it makes them uncomfortable and unable to work or succeed.

Everyone is different. I’ve known that. So I don’t know why I keep creating these boxes to sit in. I’m not a sit in the box kind of person. For those of you who are, more power to you! Be you! That’s exactly what I’m trying to say. I think I just need to allow myself to be…myself. I think if I do that instead of beat myself up all the time, calling myself “immature” simply because serious structure just isn’t my thing, I might start making some progress on life’s projects and find this ‘maturity’ I speak of, in my own sense of self. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not getting rid of lists! I love making lists. Crossing things off of them especially. I just mean I want to work on being more in tune with myself instead of tuning in to all the buzz. So instead of making “to do lists” I think I’ll start making a “list of things I want to do” because no, maybe I don’t always want to do laundry, but I do want my husband to have clean clothes. So…ultimately, I do want to do laundry! Who would have thought!

I hope my thoughts encourage you to find your own flow. Sit in your box if you want, break out if you want, just do you and BE KIND TO YOURSELF!

Love to all of you!