My Whole 30 Journey: Week 4


Well. I’ve officially given up on my original format.

Coming into this week (after last week almost broke me), I made conscious effort to let go of the struggle to look a certain way and just simply be. By this point, I’m well aware of what is approved for the program and what I have no business going near so I’ve done just that. My ability to pull something out of the pantry or refrigerator and make a meal actually exists now and I’m beside myself at just that alone.

My state of mind has gone from a haze of confusion about food and life struggles to one of hope and optimism. I’m encouraged in my own self discipline and strength. This program has offered me a level of clarity that I don’t think I’ve had before. I’m sure there are other programs that work the same way for other people but my appreciation for what the Whole 30 actually is, putting the food aspect on the back burner and really addressing the mentality, is so great.

I’ve had great food (recipes coming Friday!), had a wonderful time cooking (what??!) and have proved to myself that it really is mind over matter. For me, this journey wasn’t just about food. Maybe it was never about food. As I come up on my last day, my thoughts are surging towards what happens next. I’m excited to evaluate my health’s progress and decide what my diet will look like in the future. I have a trip to the beach coming up so hopefully I won’t get too out of whack but I’m prepared to give myself grace and equipped to get myself back on track should I have a piece of cake or something ;)

I’m excited to share my meal planning format and recipes this Friday. You definitely don’t need to be doing the Whole 30 to enjoy them so I’m excited to post my favorites. Before that I’ve got some thoughts on the first question I’m pretty sure everyone asks after they finish this: “What now?” and my thoughts on my experience as a whole. No pun intended. :)

Love to you all.


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