My Whole 30 Journey: Week 1




***No, my friends, this is no joke. I’ve actually completed 1 week of the Whole 30! Now, don’t fret. None of these foods listed link to recipes but I have a post specifically devoted to the recipes I used at the end of this Whole 30 Journey series :) I also realize this is super long so skim through it, read what seems interesting or beneficial to you. This is a log of my personal experience for my personal growth and I can only hope that it might help someone else but I’m keeping this log for me! Here goes!


Day 1: Monday March 23,2015

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs&dates
Lunch: skipped. (so naughty!)
Dinner: Meatloaf with homemade ketchup, mashed garlic cauliflower, baked sweet potatoes, onions&brussel sprouts

Feeling pretty scared that my feelings of lack of preparation are going to ruin this for me. I’m determined to stay positive though. Even felt it for about 90 seconds today. Didn’t do too awesome because I totally skipped lunch. Skipping meals is a major habit I’m hoping this program will help me break. Due to Andre’s minor surgery I was left having to shop on day one which threw me for a loop so I gave myself some grace (another important thing I’m working on…) AND I made it through my shopping trip. Best moment of the day: In the grocery store, overhearing an older grandma telling her probably 3-4 year old grandbaby girl, “I wish you’d stay still in this buggy, you’re making me drive like I’m drunk!” The little girl waved to me as they passed by. I couldn’t help but laugh quietly. The grandma’s tone was so cute, sweet and witty all in one.

Day 2: Tuesday March 24, 2015

Breakfast: Spinach&tomato omelet, 1/2 banana, 1 small apple
Lunch: Spinach salad w/ 1 carrot, 1 avocado, 1 small apple, 1 handful grapes, 1 handful cherry tomatoes
Dinner: Balsamic chicken with steamed carrots&broocli

I’m bummed I don’t have my smoothie game together yet (I’m really ready to start making them!) but, I’m actually feeling a little more confident to be honest. I don’t know if that’s because today I’ve got some things going on personally that have me kind of anxious so I’ve really put as much of that energy as I can into my meal planning, prepping and cooking but that’s a positive thing (putting my anxious energy into something positive) so I think I will count it as a victory at the moment. Lunch took me a while to get through. I made a pretty big salad and probably ate off of it for an hour or maybe even two. I’m working myself up to eating more so I’m giving myself some grace and not forcing myself to eat an amount of food I’m not used to just to get an uncomfortable tummy ache and further mentally fvkc myself into not wanting to eat.

I’m already realizing that this is definitely for the most part mental. It might all be mental. I woke up this morning craving my normal “breakfast” (a glass of OJ) so strong that I convinced myself I would pass out if I didn’t have it. Helloooo I’m 5. So I totally gave in. Lord help me when I become a momma. I did only have less than 6oz but my brain was satisfied after I gave it that little liquid sugar rush. I’m justifiying it partly because I’m trying to maintain/gain weight but it had nothing to do with that for me in that moment. I just wanted some OJ. I didn’t think I would start noticing the sugar cravings just two days in!

I also cheated today because the chicken stock I used in my balsamic chicken had honey in it. I’m using the same justification as I did with the OJ but the reality of the situation was that I shopped for the week on Monday and that was literally THE ONLY thing I couldn’t find in my neighborhood grocery and I did not feel like dropping all those groceries at home and driving 25-30 minutes to another grocery just for one thing of chicken stock. So I gave myself some grace and got the organic one with honey as like the second to last ingredient. I feel ok though because now I better know what my grocery has and what it doesn’t have that’s compliant.

Day 3: Wednesday March 25, 2015

Breakfast: Fruit salad (Apple, grapes, banana, kiwi, pear)
Lunch: Leftover meatloaf&veggies
Snack: Leftover fruit salad
Dinner: Leftover meatloaf&veggies

Well. Last night was interesting. I was craving sweets so badly I ate probably 2-3 cups of Raisins right before bed. When I woke up this morning, the struggle was again real. I ended up skipping my prepped omelet and going for a fruit salad. I made enough so that I could snack throughout the day even though the program discourages snacking. For those trying to maintain weight though the program says it’s alright. Besides, I am a snacker, I think I always will be and regardless even if I wanted to break that…now is not the time. I need to focus on eating more, I just want to do that with quality food. I do however feel like I shouldn’t be giving in to my sugar cues even with good food…maybe that’s a start at least? Usually I would chow down on about 10-12 Hershey kisses before bed and last night it was raisins so that’s a step in the right direction right?

I’m noticing my sugar cravings happen first thing in the morning and right before bed. I’m definitely surprised at how early into this I am noticing these things. I don’t feel overwhelmed by them or anything, I just thought I wouldn’t be able to pinpoint stuff like this until late in week 2 – early week 3.

I think I will go back and read through some program stuff and through the article I posted before about maintain/gaining weight on the program anyway. I haven’t gotten my smoothie game together yet, I think I will start that next week and just get my meal routine under my belt first. I feel like since it is my goal to maintain/gain I shouldn’t be so hard on myself about eating fruit (because of the sugar) but what I am trying to look out for is the “giving in to my cravings” type of thing. I don’t want day 31 to look like me inhaling a whole box of snickers ice cream bars (last nights craving).

I had intentions on falling back on last night’s basalmic chicken for a leftover dinner type of situation but I’m proud to say…there was nothing left over! Granted we did have an extra person at the table but I was happy to have him and even happier that he liked my cooking so much he had two helpings! Everyone did in fact ;)

So now I’m off to figure something out for dinner tonight. It’s just me this evening so it shouldn’t be too hard…hopefully.

Day 4 Thursday March 26, 2015

Breakfast: 2 eggs
Lunch: Spinach salad with carrots&tomatoes
Dinner: Spaghetti Squash with meatballs&spinach salad

Ok so yall. First things first. I had a dream last night about shoveling mini snickers into my mouth by the handful. Just thought you should know. But back up to dinner last night, leftover meatloaf. Same as lunch. I am finding that maybe I need to work on balancing my meals a little more. And I know 2 eggs is not that great of a breakfast but there was a lot going on this morning so I just wanted to make sure I ate something. Honestly I am just super proud that I have been eating three times a day. That sounds terrible but I wasn’t kidding when I said meal skipping was something I needed to work on. I feel like I’ve been doing really well so I don’t feel too much pressure to put tons of energy into something else right away. A big goal of mine was to start and keep up eating 3 meals a day and I have done that…4 days in a row. That’s really good for me as afraid as I might be to admit that.

So again today there were a lot of meal reuses with the spinach but I’m okay with it. I have some snacks I’ve been checking out on pinterest and I’m most excited about these protein ball things. Anyway. Overall, it was a good day today other than the fact that Andrew got called into work (on his only day off!) for half the day but he was still able to make it home before 4 so we even got an evening walk in together. Day 4 is down in the books!

Day 5 Friday March 27, 2015

Breakfast: Pear
Lunch: Leftover meatloaf
Snack: 6 deviled eggs
Dinner: Chicken veggie soup

Today has pretty much sucked but not because of the Whole 30. It’s rainy and SUPER cold. It’s like winter is just trying to be a jerk one more time before it officially lets spring do it’s thing. Teehee at that rhyme. As far as food goes, I’ve been stuck inside all day so I thought it would be worse as far as cravings go but it only got bad one time and I shoveled a bunch of raisins in my mouth. So naughty

I didn’t do the greatest on breakfast this morning but a pear was better than nothing I figured and nothing was all I wanted. Lunch was light but that’s when I had all those raisins. I was feeling like I wanted to eat but everything I was craving was crap carbs so I decided to get my mind off of it by learning to make deviled eggs. I should say learning how to hard boil eggs. I don’t think I’ve ever done that and if I have it was way too long ago for me to remember because I totally messed the first round up. I came out ok with the second round though and made these awesome avocado deviled eggs.

Tonight’s dinner was supposed to be salmon with avocado salsa but it was so cold today I decided to wait to do that until it warms up a bit. Can’t wait! Andrew had to stay late at work tonight anyway (after yesterday…I was less than thrilled) so it worked out alright because I was wanting to cook the salmon for him since it’s his favorite.

I’m interested to see how tonight goes because I have no more raisins. I’ll keep you posted.

Day 6 Saturday March 28, 2015

Breakfast: 2 eggs, sautéed spinach, home fries
Lunch: chicken veggie soup
Dinner: skipped (ish because I’m going to get something before bed!)

According to the Whole 30 timeline, I should be wanting to kill everyone and anything at this point in the challenge but honestly…I feel the total opposite. I feel awesome. Not in an overly I FEEL AWESOME! kind of way…just good. I feel like I can tell that my body is doing exactly what I thought it would do and I love that. Today was another day for grace  though. It was special because we had a friend stay over last night and we all went to breakfast in a nearby town. It was my second time going to that particular place but I knew they would have compliant options for me there. That place is great and most of what they sell there is local, including the meat options. My first (yes there is more than one lol) moment of grace was with the ketchup I put on my hash browns (they call them home fries but they aren’t fries, they’re potato chunks). The awesome thing is though that it wasn’t crap junk ketchup. It was real ketchup if you know what I mean. I say I gave myself grace because I’m sure there was a little bit of sugar in it but I knew it was good stuff and I was feeling ok about it so I went for it. I would say I probably had about two 1/2 tablespoons maybe one.

My second moment of grace is as  you can see…the fact that I didn’t have dinner. The thing is…I slept in, breakfast was more like a brunch and so “lunch” was more like dinner because it happened around 6ish. We also have company coming for Easter so spring cleaning started today. I know it’s no excuse to skip meals but this was my first ‘super packed with chores and things to do’ day so I will say I feel more prepared heading in to the upcoming weeks. I know I need to make my meals a priority no matter what. I am kinda bummed because I gave into another sugar craving this evening. I ate a few chunks of pineapple. I know it’s approved but it was definitely an indulgence and right after I took the time to realize that, I put it I’m going to call that little bit a victory :)

I’m going to try to squeeze in a little bowl of soup or something before I go to bed. I’ll be working on snack options heading in to this next week now that I feel I have somewhat of a handle on regular meals. Hopefully that will help balance out my food for the day.

Overall, I am feeling really positive. Only TWO skipped meals in a week? That is huge for me. I’m also able to eat more, I noticed that today. I guess my body is loving all these goods/not getting as full as quickly from a fvkc load of bad carbs! I’m ready to kick week 2 into high gear!!!

Day 7 Sunday March 29, 2015

Breakfast: 2 egss
Lunch: Chicken Salad eggs
Snack: green smoothie
Dinner: Leftover shredded chicken with veggie sauce

Ok so maybe I possibly slightly jinxed myself yesterday when I said I didn’t want to kill all the things as the Whole 30 timeline suggested I might. Not saying that today was that bad but I can definitely feel the sugar cravings intensifying. Yesterday we ended up at the grocery store twice and both times while passing the sugary treats and candy I was feeling all the feelings. I even found myself just touching the packaging. When I caught myself I was a little weirded out by myself haha. Another possible explanation for my edginess is that I’m headed into the red tent in the next day or so and that’s my favorite time to indulge in all the chocolate. Can I get an amen ladies?

I had my first smoothie last night! It was:

– 1 cup OJ
-1 cup water
-1 cup of pineapple and mango
then I added a kiwi, maca root powder and some ice

It was pretty good!!

Heading into this next week I am:

• Cutting out all OJ except in smoothies (that means no more 6oz just juice cheats in the AM but I do plan on having 1 smoothie a day. Remember: It’s approved for those of us trying to maintain/gain!!)

• Being intentional about upping my water intake

• Resist the urge to eat fruit in the mornings and at night



Week one is down in the books and I am feeling great! Can’t wait to see what next week brings!


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