My Whole 30 Journey: Week 2


***The fact that this post was supposed to go live yesterday, but staying an extra day to be with my grandparents during a move prevented me from doing anything blog related, actually fills my heart. That whole situation is 100% in keeping with the theme of this post, written during week 2 (3/30-3/5) of my whole 30 experience. Instances in which we need to remember to be gracious and loving to ourselves continue to happen on the regular and I hope sharing my vulnerability with you inspires you to remember that in your own life.


Like in life, this week’s Whole 30 update doesn’t look like last week. I sure hoped it would be pretty and neat and organized all the same way it was in week 1 but that’s just not the real deal over here in my realm. So, instead of trying to fake it- I am making a conscious decision to be real. I have no record of what I ate day by day, meal by meal. No play by play at all really just some jumbled thoughts on an experience.

This week has been somewhat tough. There are a lot of factors going into that though and I feel I can honestly say it doesn’t have anything to do with my diet but I suppose only time will tell for sure.

For one, it’s Easter week. Whatever possessed me to start this the week before a holiday week you ask? WELL. I had to ask myself that same question because A. everything just felt like fell totally out of control on every level and B. hello Easter candy. Is this my “lack of preparation” coming back to bite me in the rear? Let’s explore.

When searching for the answers to these questions, this is what I have come up with:

• This is my first experience with meal planning and cooking pretty much ever but I don’t think an extensively planned meal plan would have helped anyway because…

• Spring cleaning happened. Starting Monday, I made my way through the mudroom, the dining room, the guest bathroom and (a 12 hour job later…) the kitchen. Keep in mind this is my MIL’s house so we had quite the timelines worth of stuff to sort though/toss/keep&organize. I also disinfected, dusted&swept every square inch of that place.

So what I’m basically trying to say is that I didn’t have the kitchen/food experience to meal plan, get all the meals prepped&made AND do all the cleaning I did. A greater woman probably could have done it (and in less time) but I’m still learning so I’m choosing to give myself some grace.

I know what you’re thinking though, why didn’t I plan for all this when I started planning for the program? Well because it happened totally on a whim. I had prepped a meal plan aside for myself for the weekend with guests coming and Easter dinner and all that. I even mentally prepared for the smell of chocolate in the air but the Spring cleaning thing just kinda happened.

I’m actually very happy that I had the energy&motivation to do it (Thank you Whole 30???!!!). With us heading out of here shortly I love that I can say we have left the place in better shape than we found it :) Not that it was in terrible shape before we got here but everyone has been out of the house a while now and although we’re just passing through until we settle on an area, I still want to make a large contribution in whatever way we can. Who doesn’t love a deep clean of their home where they don’t have to do any work?!

So amidst all that….


That’s right. Not one meal planned or prepped (except Easter dinner!). Not one meal cheated. Granted, I did have spaghetti squash with meat sauce for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two days straight (with additional snacks on my most intense cleaning days…and ok maybe just lunch and dinner) but that’s a heck of a lot better than what I usually would have done which is just not eat at all. I would have just drank OJ and sparkling water all day. Oh my gosh just writing that out makes me want to shake a finger in my old self’s face! Just terrible. What’s not terrible though is that

I even stuck to my NO OJ rule!

I say my, but it’s really the program’s rule. ha!

I also resisted the urge to eat raisins before bed which made me super proud and I didn’t have a single bit of fruit in the mornings.

I achieved those goals but I could have done better on my water intake. I have been terrible about just drinking sparkling water (my favorite beverage in the world) instead of regular filtered although I want to believe it’s just as good for you. Confirmation on that? Anyone?

This week was tough and at times I felt like a failure because I didn’t have a meal plan but I see now how silly that was because my overall goal for this was to stick with this program no matter what- and I have…although it was certainly tough with the spring cleaning and holiday temptations.

I will say though that on day 12 (Friday April 3) pizza (my all time favorite food) cravings came on STRONG. I thought I might spontaneously combust I wanted some cheesy goodness so badly. The Whole 30 timeline says I should have been feeling this way around day 7 and I made it to day 12 so I am counting that as a victory. :)

I’m feeling good, I’m feeling energized, I’m feeling accomplished!

Heading into next week I’m going to continue to work on balance in my meals and drinking water!

 Cheers (with regular water!) to week 3!



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