My Whole 30 Journey: What Now?



I finished!! I can’t believe it. It’s been a rollercoaster but I’m proud to say that even in the darkest moments of this month, I stuck it out and finished the Whole 30 program!!

So, naturally, the first question asked is what now?

The first thing they want you to do is look over the self-evaluation. Included on that page is a link to a ton of different ways to measure your health after the Whole 30. You can use it to tally up all the ways in which the whole 30 impacted your life positively. They talk about it  being things you recognize besides the number on your scale, but that was no concern to me as I was out to maintain/gain weight. I love checking things off of lists so I’m super excited about this. AND the fact that it was a checklist of ways I feel more healthy?! Yes please!

After checking in with your body and seeing how you feel, then comes bringing those unapproved foods back into your diet. There is a whole section on the Whole 30 website dedicated to what they call “Reintroduction“. This is where you slowly over the course of 10 days, reintroduce foods you haven’t had in the last 30 days to see how your body feels after having them.

I’m a little nervous about that to be honest because we have this trip coming up in a few days. We do so much going here and there at random times, this was the only 30 days I had over the next 4 months really where I wouldn’t be going like crazy so I went ahead and jumped in. There is no moving this trip and I don’t want to sound terrible for saying this buuut…I will definitely be enjoying some tequila on the beach. I guess we’ll see where this goes!

Hope you’re having a great week!

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