New babes, Target steals and other bits of happiness: Easter 2016


Hello friends!

If it feels like I’ve been out of touch lately…well it’s because I have been! Between two jobs (and picking up odd shifts at the restaurant, filling in for people), working on my new nutrition&exercise plan (I’ll share more on that in the coming weeks), and trying to build up momentum to go with gazelle intensity towards our Total Money Makeover goals (I haven’t shared about this yet but I will!)…I’m beat! All those things are bits of happiness though because I’m thankful to have work, to be making strides of progress with my health and eating habits and of course that we’ve been getting serious about whipping our finances into shape. Because of my schedule, it’s hard to set a routine but I’m going to make it happen! It might not happen overnight, but it WILL happen! Growing up is…difficult in the beginning stages haha but it’s all very exciting! Not to mention a few exciting things that have occurred in the last week!

You may have seen this photo on instagram (@jlynnjustad) but our sweet nephew (I’ll refer to him from here on out as J3) was born a little over a week before his due date of Easter morning! Mom and baby are doing great and we are so thrilled to have him here! I totally neglected to mention it in my currently post because truth be told, I thought I would get at least another one (or maybe even two) blog posts before he was born so my excitement was contained as to not get too anxious haha but the little booger surprised us all! He’s so gorgeous and so loved!

J3grainy photos make me feel nostalgic.

Then Easter came along and although we were a few family members short, it was still a wonderful time with the ones that were around. We got some more time in with J3 as well so that was super sweet! We didn’t snap a full family photo though so bummer! Still working on that I suppose…ha! On a less important note but still exciting, I made out like a bandit at target last week! Since putting ourselves on the Total Money Makeover we’ve been WAY more conscious about what we’ve been spending and I am SO proud of us.

We do get to budget some “fun” money for ourselves though and of course I spent mine at Target. Confession: I was supposed to be going in there for something else which I didn’t find and don’t remember (we’ve all been there, don’t judge.) but after attempting to window shop the clearance aisles, I found a couple things I couldn’t pass up! I got some Carol’s Daughter leave in conditioner for $5.50 (down from $11.00!), a 5 year memory book for $7 something (I can’t remember exactly because it didn’t have one of those beautiful little red stickers, but full price it was a little over $16), and a box of Papyrus blank note cards (anyone else obsessed with note cards?!) for $4.78 down from $15.95! I bought a few other things but I spent less the $29 for everything and the only thing I paid full price for was $3. I was so excited, I sent photos to Andre. HA!

cd leave in

blank cardsI didn’t get a photo of the book because no sticker haha

And something not so exciting that has happened in the last week………I cracked my phone screen again. Did I even mention that I got it fixed after the whole Halloween fiasco that turned into me only having half a phone screen because I let it go so long without getting it fixed? Well, I cracked it AGAINNNNNNNNN. I’ve had it fixed maybe a month. Ugh. I was so mad at myself. But shit happens and you’ve got to let it go and learn..which clearly I did not the last time SOOOOO I’m going to go get a friggin phone case and just put it on my cracked phone until I can save the cash to get it fixed again (this happened after my target trip, insert dramatic face emoji). In the spirit of trying to stay positive, it isn’t as bad as it was when I first broke it on Halloween BUT my front face camera is out of the game again. Sad times. But happy times for it not being as bad and me still having a phone!

 We’ve got some exciting things happening this weekend, one of which is a do nothing day (MUCH NEEDED) on Sunday but the other is a lovely little wedding shower so hopefully I’ll have some fun things to share next week! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! And remember to stay positive ;)