November 3rd- Choosing a date

As you know if you read the “wedding” tab above (or this post), Andre&I eloped on December 7, 2011. Yep. You read that right. Pearl Harbor day. You don’t think about those kind of things when you decide the night before to quit worrying about what other people will think and just go get married already.

You also don’t think about them when you wake up in the morning and just get out of bed and head down to the courthouse, in love, and excited to start this journey of life together as husband and wife. Nope. You don’t think about it until it’s sinking in on the ride home that you’ve just married the man of your dreams…on Pearl Harbor day. Only one of the most tragic days in American history. But it’s ok! Because in that moment you will also decide that this just means that at some point, you should go to Hawaii together to pay your respects to those who survived and lost their lives on that day. Fear of flying? We’ll tackle that later.

So, with all the excitement of being married and keeping it a secret for a couple weeks (so fun!) there is little time to think about a ceremony including your friends and family because you’re too busy trying to figure out how to tell them! Once that’s completed, the shock and joy and excitement of planning a celebration that will include all your loved ones, the white dress, the walking down the aisle begins and all that finally begins.

If you’re wondering about whether or not to elope, it was the best thing Andrew and I have ever done. It was perfectly imperfect. It was all about us. I would recommend it to anyone. Whether or not you want to have a ceremony afterwards is up to you!

We chose to do one because whereas the marriage itself was all about us, we still wanted to celebrate that with our loved ones and share in the joys of the walking down the aisle, mother son dance and partying with all of our family and friends. We wanted cool weather but not cold and a Autumn vibe of sorts so November 4th became that day to look forward to!

Then after realizing that was daylight savings time day and we would be losing an hour of daylight we would need for photos… November 3rd became that day to look forward to!

savethedate4aOur save the dates! (and a sneak peek of our “engagement” photos!)

*As you’ll find in a future post, magnet save the dates are my favorite purchase from the whole wedding planning process and I’ll probably talk about how awesome of a decision they were 1000 times over this series*



How did you choose your wedding date? Was it a special date or one that just worked out best time wise like ours?!




November 3rd- A Wedding series

November 3rd- “Engagement” photos