Snow Day!



I titled this post Snow Day but it really should be called Snow Week!

After our trip to my hometown the week before last (which I still haven’t written about and I need to because I have another thing to cross off my bucket list…!) we got back to our house and it was like the Universe just wanted to tell us to slow down because the weather started going crazy!

It may not be alot to some of you, but my little beach bum heart swells so much at the sight of snow. I’ve seen it before and participated in snow sport trips but I’ve never walked out my own front door to a straight up winder wonderland!



 (And for those of you wondering, I didn’t edit that photo to make it blue, my sweet husband woke me up at the crack of dawn so I could see all the snowy goodness in my favorite light of day. Everything turns this blue hue in the evenings as well and I just love it! I loved seeing the earth look like this with all that untouched snow. It was so serene. Cold. But serene.)


We got back from our trip late Saturday night (we originally planned to leave Sunday morning but thought we’d get an early start), had a chill day Sunday preparing for the week of getting back into our routine (lol), Andrew worked Monday then was off Tuesday because the snow started! It was off and on then we got a load of about 6 or 7 inches on Wednesday night and it covered the ground well into the weekend. It was awesome.




We made a snowman with my brother in law’s fiancé who was here visiting for a few days and got snowed in! yay! 


Some of these photos are blurry because I didn’t think to wipe off my iphone camera ha! also because- iphone4s camera.


snowman building





Me, right smack in the middle looking like a giant goofball! I was so excited about the snow!

After she went in for a nap (she’s from up north so I think she was getting the biggest kick out of me and Andrew being so excited haha!), Andrew and I had an adventure around our property and pretended we were in Narnia (which we watched later that day of course).






I can’t lie, I had soo much fun and it was so beautiful but by the weekend I was ready for the warm weather and routine to find it’s way back into our lives! I hope you guys had a great week last week and weekend. I’m looking forward to sharing about my trip back home although I took like…zero pictures. I promise I’m working on you can see by today’s photo overload ;)

Love to all of you!!