So I say, HEY! …Wanna chat about life and the Golden Globes and The Bachelor?

So I’m already off to a very consistent start with blogging in 2016, I’ve blogged two Mondays in a row! Woohoo! I know, some of you veteran bloggers (hobby or professional) are like- rolls eyessssss– but to me, it’s a small success and I  celebrate them all because they’re all tiny steps forward to my goals within productivity and BREAKTHROUGH! Woohooo! I just love run on sentences. I talk in run on sentences so I couldn’t imagine my blog without them…I mean…if I’m supposed to be ‘me’ n all right?! I’m writing this (on actual Monday morning. like, right now) as if I’ve just consumed an entire pot off coffee but I have not. I just ate a banana but that’s about it, I’m just excited about life!

So, what’s up with life?

Wellllll the title of today’s post is a shout out to my beautiful friend Kristi Ray who I spent much of late Saturday night coloring with while singing some popular theme songs from shows we used to watch as kids. I’m totally sold on the whole, adult coloring book thing. Although, I’ve always been a big fan of coloring. I never needed adult coloring books to get down. Hand me some Disney princesses or cute baby animals and I’m good to go.

I watched the Golden Globes last night! Some people tried to be funny and weren’t, some people tried to be funny and were (I’m looking at you Amy Shumer! Although I wasn’t talking about J.Law when I said some people weren’t funny #clarification). Some speeches were beautiful (Loved that bit there at the end Leo!) Some people didn’t have their glasses (Denzel! Congrats!) and some people reminded us that there are still REAL people in Hollywood (Taraji, you are forever my girl.)

I think my overall favorite part though (and I expressed this on twitter, @jlynnjustad) was the fact that the celebs this year were NOT having that 10 seconds to give their acceptance speeches thing. They were going to SAY what they had to say. I thought it was awesome. Post programming be damned! (*Throws sherry glass*) Maybe they should cut the budget somewhere and get rid of some of the commercials and give them more time for speeches!

Now for my top outfit favs…. Lady Gaga took one of my top spots of course, I mean. Come. on. She was a vision. But I also really loved Viola Davis and Gina Rodriguez.

goldenglobes20161 // 2 // 3

I think my overall ‘fashion win’ goes to Bryce Dallas Howard (not Jessica Chastain). I loved the dress when I saw her wearing it last night but when I found out she confidently revealed her dress size and that she bout the gown OFF THE RACK?! Score for us normal ladies everywhere. Ok, so the gown still retails for over 4k but still. Let’s take these small wins right? ha!


But my number one pick of the night goes to the first dress I fell in love with last night. It was worn by Miss Golden Globes 2016 (Jamie Foxx’s daughter) Corinne Foxx. The detail on this gown makes my heart flutter ;) ♥


 Ok so who’s watching The Bachelor tonight?!?

I AMMMMM! WITH MY SISTER! We spent last monday texting back and forth and this week she is in town for a couple of nights so we get to watch together tonight and I am SO excited. I didn’t even find out she was coming until last night, I am stoked!!

Quick recap of last week? Sure!

•First thing I remember is Ben calling his parents during the introductions. SWOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNN.

•Lace. I mean. come on. Clearly they did this to us on purpose because they know they’re not getting a lot of drama from Ben. I think we all agree that if he keeps her through another rose ceremony after the “you didn’t even look at me once” bs- production made him do it.

•Olivia was my original choice for the first impression rose but the coming attractions from the season made me a little nervous about her to be honest.

•Jubilee. When I saw the trailer for this season I could see that Ben was taking a woman of color on a couple of different what looked like one on one dates (which means she makes it pretty far possibly?) and I got SO SO SO excited. First off, of course it would be Ben! Second- a Black Bachelorette?! COULD IT BE?!?!?!?! I’m so excited for the possibility of that and the fact that it is being talked about so much right now (like…maybe in the works?!). For those of you who don’t understand why this would excite me…I’ll post in full about this at a later date.

•The dentist??

•Girl with the onsie didn’t get a rose and that kinda made me sad because that’s totally some shit I would do.

•I have no idea who Becca or Amber even are but I am totally indifferent about them making it because I just don’t feel it from them for some reason.

•The only one I see in the top three right now is Olivia. And maybe the girl with the two kids. Oh but I really liked the flight attendant too. So maybe those are my top three right now? But remember, we’re only one episode in!

Raise your glass of wine to tonight ladies!!

I hope you all had an INCREDIBLE weekend and are off to a great start this Monday!