Sometimes, life doesn’t turn out how you wanted.

What a brilliant way to bring in 2015.

I had a post planned for today.

A Christmas&NYE recap.

And actually, it was planned for Monday.

I’ve been super excited to share it with everyone but of course, like clockwork with a dead battery- it stops.

For some reason, ALL of my photos decided to stop showing up.

I’ve even switched computers (from laptop to desktop) juuust to make sure it wasn’t some glitch that had nothing to do with my actual post but alas, it is my post.

Or possibly my whole blog. Not sure yet because of course I am working out of town this week so my schedule and location don’t leave me much time to get it all figured out at the moment. Of course right?

Just as I started to get frazzled/annoyed/angry/anxious-

I stopped.

Such. is. life.

It isn’t about what goes right or wrong, it’s about how you handle all the little things that life seems to bring with it- good or bad…or annoying.

It’s a tale as old as time but I think it’s one we easily forget.

Well, I can’t speak for everyone so I will say I. I easily forget.

So instead of frustration, I will harbor gratitude in my heart for the simple reminder that life doesn’t always go as planned, but it goes, and it’s up to us whether we spread positivity or. well. you know ;)

Well played 2015.