Sunday Brunch// 003



If you follow me on instagram (@jlynnjustad) you know that I have been away from the computer and out in the SNOW! Yep. That’s right. My newly relocated beach bum heart was getting filled up to the top with playtime in the snow with my fam and cozy cuddles with my husband (who was off work for 3 days because of the weather and whatnot). It was SO much fun.  It even snowed a little bit in my hometown! It never really snows there so any little white patch on the ground is amazing. I’m glad they got some snowflakes too! I’m trying to get back into my routine now that my vacation time here at my new home is melting… ;) I did have some time to enjoy some posts from some of my favorite blogs this week. Here are some of my favorite articles from this week! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a beautiful week!


Politics365: Why I have a problem with Kylie Jenner’s dreadlocks

Not sure if you heard about what went on with  Giuliana Rancic’s comments about Zendaya’s locs at the Oscars (I think it was a party, not the actual awards ceremony) but if you haven’t, a quick google search will get you up to speed. Do your own research of course but I would encourage you to consider this perspective. I think this article is beautifully expressed. You can feel the sadness and the frustration. It wasn’t in response to the comments made about Zendaya specifically, but it answers some questions (I think) about the anger of the comparison (By Giuliana Rancic) of Kylie Jenner’s “edgy” dreadlocks classification vs. Zendaya’s “oil&weed smell” classification.


Afternoons with you: Friday Thoughts.

I love this girl’s blog. She always comes across to me as so real and genuine. When she shows up to her space, It’s because she wants to write. I don’t ever feel like she has any other agenda other than just to share and connect. I loved her words and little reminders on anxiety this week and I needed them! Thanks to Ashley for this encouragement!!


My New Lines: Whole 30 Results

This woman has such a sweet heart. Her posts are always so full of love but I must say, I was so excited to see this pop up on my bloglovin feed! I’ve been thinking about doing this program so I loved reading about Sharlee’s experience with it!


Along Abbey Road: 5 Magical Movies to Watch on Netflix

I love these Netflix lists Abbey posts! I love her blog in general but I always end up watching at least a couple things she puts on these lists and enjoy them! I’ve got Claire Danes and Sandra Bullock movies calling my name when I get my next bit of down time. You should also check out her A Random Thing or Two-sday posts because they are always hilarious and fun.


Ok so I only have four today but that’s ok because Monday or Tuesday I will make it up by overloading you with pictures of snow.




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Sunday Brunch // 002