Ok so no, it’s not actually Sunday. It’s Friday. I know, where in the heck have I been! Well, for starters- surviving the Whole 30. I’ll have all the details on that after I am through it (hello Day 19!). Other than that I have been spring cleaning, preparing for Easter and all it’s visitors, recuperating from Easter and getting ready to launch a new blog design! Exciting things but you know what has me so excited I can’t even put it into words? Sunday. Sunday April 12th and the return of the most emotionally shattering show on the face of this planet. Why do I love you so Game of Thrones?!


So since I can’t put it into words, I will stick to a true Coffee Chat format and provide you with a few awesome links that all do the same thing…get you hype for Sunday.


I love this guy’s face when he’s playing. It’s like John Mayer when he plays guitar. I looove when he starts going IN around 2:20.

A little more low key but this video is just pure awesome.

Yet another super awesome video with some pretty kick ass background action. I love how everyone seems to go HAM at the end.

Yes. Just yes.

How fun would this be to conduct?!

Apparently, The Blue Man Group is stoked too!

But I don’t think anyone is more excited than these guys. People seriously speak High Valyrian ? (make sure you listen all the way through…the ending is too hilarious on this one)

And just a side note…did anyone else notice that Khalessi’s assistant Missandei…



Is also the new face in Furious 7!



Of course you did ;) Hello Natalie Emmanuel!

Have a great weekend everyone! I want to say I plan on live tweeting on Sunday but then you miss stuff!! I’d rather tweet after ya know? Enjoy!!

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