Super Bowl 50!

Well, by now you know, my beloved Carolina Panthers came up short last Sunday at Super Bowl 50 and walked away without a ring and national title. Full disclosure, had they won…I probably would have been on here first thing Monday morning gloating about my team so continue to have at it Denver (Congratulations….[insert dramatic emoji face here])… long as you don’t talk shxt about my team! That goes for anyone!

Seriously though- why does that have to be the first thing people do even if they aren’t fans of the winning team? I guess it’s kinda like that for everything I suppose but it’s so frustrating! In regards to the game…so what Cam didn’t want to answer questions after the game? There are some politicians who won’t answer questions about serious indiscretions against the entire country….but Cam walking away from  a post game interview is just THE WORST thing in the world! He’s such a bad sport! Um….he walked right up to Peyton to congratulate him afterwards. So he wasn’t all smiles after the loss…..I think that’s natural when you’re passionate about something and you want it so badly and you DERSERVE TO BE THERE but just come up short in the present moment.

What’s up with people still unable to give credit to the Panthers where it’s due? They had an UNBELIEVABLE season. So they didn’t play their best in the biggest moment but they earned their place in that game and anyone who says differently is well, delusional. #sorrynotsorry I’m not trying to be mean…just saying you should check the stats. Those boys played one heck of a ball game time after time this season. So what they didn’t win the big game? It was a first time (certainly not the last) for many of them. That’s a lot of pressure for even seasoned players. I seem to remember the current Super Bowl champions playing embarrassingly terrible two years ago resulting in a loss….but look now. There’s no reason to think that this team can’t/won’t take it all the way. Super Bowl 51 baby!

So yes, Peyton (and the NFL) got their storybook ending. In all honesty, I’ve always like Peyton Manning so it kinda sucks to not feel able to be fully happy for him (because heavens knows I wanted our boys to win) but congrats to him (and the entire team&fan base) and as for us? Well, we will KEEP POUNDING.

We had a little shindig over at our friend Wayne’s place and it was so much fun prepping and cooking and decorating and partying….until things turned sour of course. Ha! This was the first year I experienced “fandom” (you know, wearing specific clothing, going through certain rituals in order to help your team’s chances. It’ was intense) so the heartbreak felt a little overwhelming for the first time but still, it was a good time with great friends. I can’t wait to do it again next year and hopefully watch our boys take it home!

A few snaps from the fun..

kitty earsyou may have seen this on IG (@jlynnjustad) Game day head gear!

panther punch3APanther Punch!

thespreadAmost of the feast! Just missing the little smokies&wings!

myteamAblurry but idc cuz I love them. The husband and the little bro ♥

Cheers to the weekend for all of my non-service industry working friends to whom Friday just means busiest next couple of days of the week. I love you all and wish you the happiest of days!